The best robot vacuums mops in 2020 in the UK

According to the best cleaning experts

Robot vacuums mops have been on the market for about a decade and since their creation they have evolved a lot, getting to better satisfy the needs of their users. Currently, there are more homes that have one of these, and it is becoming very common to see the figures growing.

Household tasks have become somewhat simpler thanks to this machine; they are becoming more intelligent and sophisticated, and have even abandoned the clumsy habits of the first models.

Today, there are several models that have caused a furore in the clientele and here we show you how to buy the adequate one for you amongst the best robot vacuums mops in 2020!

All about the best robot vacuums mops in 2021 in the UK

These devices are very famous for scanning the dirt and getting rid of them easily. There are many brands and models that have ventured to launch their own vacuuming robots.

The value of money for each of these models varies a lot. This element is one of the most decisive aspects when it comes to a mopping robot vacuum cleaner.

Below, we give you a list of the best robot moppers that are currently available on the UK market for 2020; there are excellent options that can satisfy you if you are interested in buying any model.

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Rowenta Smart Force Essential

The best robot vacuum for big houses

This model is ideal for large houses, where the furniture is delicate and the floors are very hard. It does not have a scrubbing function; its autonomy is about 150 minutes uninterrupted and it has navigation sensors. Its noise level is 65 dB.

The operation of this robot vacuum cleaner is very intuitive, being one of the models of the last end in technology; it is possible to be used in manual mode or programmed mode, and it has several ways of cleaning.

It possesses its mode “random”, to move in a random way; the mode “random room”, to move randomly in a concrete room; and, finally, its mode “edge”, for the corners and the edges of all the rooms.

As other interesting data, it has infrared and anti-fall sensors, it has a motorized brush, as well as 2 lateral ones. It has a magnetic band 2 meters long and has a bumper.

  • The robot hardly stumbles, avoiding bumps and scratches on furniture.
  • The long-lasting battery is perfect for large floors.
  • The virtual barrier allows us to protect specific rooms that we prefer to clean by hand.
  • It does not have WiFi nor does it map the house.
  • It responds very well on hard floors, not so much on carpets or rugs.


Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max

Mopping, control and value in one budget robot vac

This robot vacuum mop is ideal because it has a scrubbing function. Its noise is only 69 dB, besides having a laser mapping navigation. Its autonomy is 180 minutes, that is, 3 hours. With this robot vacuum cleaner, it is possible to scrub up to 200 square meters automatically.

Through its mapping functionality, it can create a house plan of excellent precision, in addition to doing deep cleaning in each room. It is possible to program order, a zone, schedules, and so on to this wonderful model. It has a voice controller with Alexa.

This model even calculates the most efficient routes for each of the rooms, in order to guarantee better efficiency in the use of the battery and thus avoid obstacles. For these reasons, it may be an excellent model to consider purchasing.

  • Great scrub autonomy
  • Many programming options
  • Very accurate mapping
  • Detect textiles as barriers
  • Noisy (69 dB)


Deebot Ozmo 950 Ecovacs

The most reliable of robot vacs

This robot vacuum cleaner has a scrubbing function, in addition to being able to sweep and in homes where carpets are abundant. Its autonomy is 200 minutes, besides counting on the navigation of mapping with lasers. Its noise level is 66 dB, and it is one of the most purchased models in the market today.

This model can regulate the amount of water used for scrubbing, as well as detecting the carpets to avoid wetting any of them. By means of its laser scanning, it is possible to create virtual maps on the smartphone, and this, in turn, has other functionalities:

It is possible to observe maps from different perspectives of the house, besides marking a route for the tour of this model. Without a doubt, it is an option worth considering buying.

  • Vacuum and scrub simultaneously.
  • Intelligent laser mapping, even in multi-story houses.
  • Long autonomy battery.
  • Compatible with voice assistants.
  • The filter is not HEPA, and you will need replacement every year.
  • The cleaning areas are preset by the scan.


Cecotec Conga 5090

the most powerful that does scrubbing

For people looking to purchase robot vacuum models with powerful cleaning, this model is ideal, and an excellent choice for these qualities. It has an autonomy of 240 minutes, with a laser mapping navigation. It has its scrubbing function and has a noise level of 64 dB.

The power of this robot vacuum cleaner is 8,000 Pa, being very high. It can deeply clean the floors by means of its interchangeable brushes, besides being able to combine the function of scrubbing and vacuuming at the same time.

It is one of the most sophisticated robot vacuums mops on the UK market today and has 3 wet cleaning intensities in its configuration.

  • Great power (8,000 Pa) and good autonomy
  • Very efficient scrubbing
  • Little noise for so much power
  • Works with 5Ghz WiFi
  • The app requires some learning time
  • The filter is not HEPA


iRobot Roomba 960

With a laser mapping navigation

The iRobot Roomba 960 is one of the brand’s latest high-end models. Because of the iAdapt 2.0 navigation system, you’ll move freely around the house, having the ability to wash the whole floor of a plant automatically. When it detects that it’s running out of battery, it returns to the base to recharge, then continues cleaning right where it left off.

One of its greatest features is that this robot vacuum has WiFi connectivity. In the app of the iRobot Home mobile, you’ll see its status, schedule tasks, and configure the sort of cleaning from your smartphone, even being out of the house. And another feature is that it uses a group of optical and acoustic sensors to detect large accumulations of dirt, completing an exhaustive cleaning within the area.

This new model uses a 3-phase cleaning system with AeroForce, with a suction power up to five times above other Roomba models, so it ensures deep cleaning without a speck of dust and not a hair escaping. Two reverse rotating anti-tangle extractors (iRobot technology) and a high-powered vacuum channel provide higher cleaning efficiency with little maintenance required.

  • WiFi connection with an app to manage your Roomba even if you are not at home.
  • Up to five times more suction power than a normal robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Map the house with an advanced navigation system.
  • The price. Quality and brand guarantee have to be paid for.
  • It is a little louder than other models of the same brand (70dB).


Why did we write this article: The best robot vacuums mops in 2020 in the UK

After analyses of the monthly comments from all of our readers, recurrent questions are coming: What is the best robot vacuum? Which ones do you use? Which one would you recommend? What is the best value for money? and so on… So you might have noticed it already, the answer is “it depends”!

Yes, it depends on you, your tastes, your needs, and most importantly your budget, so we really did this comparison article about the best robot vacuum mops in the UK in 2020, with you in mind. Advising about the range of options out there, being honest, and showing you the best so that you can choose the one for you.

Mopping function

We have not found any model of robot vacuum that, to the present day, allows you to do the moping efficient at 100%. The most problems are the mop marks on the ground and therefore the drip so that the robot does not soak up as much as it should.

Cecotec. is a brand that includes scrubbing as standard altogether in its models, although there are differences in terms of the system and its efficiency. It’s also included in the Deebot 950 model and in the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 2, while the ILife opts for a drip system.

The best robot vacuums mops in 2020 in the UKer work?

Which robot scrubber to buy for this 2020 in the UK?

Although the scrubbing system is a complicated functionality, there are many models on the market that are capable of scrubbing the ground. Thanks to the above, the selection can become complicated. Therefore, we recommend that you simply study your circumstances and values, what are your needs, preferences, and budget. The acquisition decision is usually personal and depends on all these.

If you’re already clear that you simply are getting to buy a robot vacuum, and you do not know which one to settle on, within the next section we offer you some tips to take into consideration when choosing it.

Comparison of the 2 best mop robot vacuums according to our customers

Now the part that I like the most: the comparison of the 2 best mop robot vacuums, taking into account quality, price, customer satisfaction and efficiency

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Tips for selecting the simplest Robot vacuum and floor scrubber with or without Navigation system.

Usually, they are available with their own navigation system, controlled by App, remote or, simply, by the buttons incorporated within the robot.

Therefore, you ought to investigate how the various brands work to settle on an easy-to-use and intuitive floor scrubbing robot, especially if you’re watching your first purchase.

  • Suction capacity: you would like to be clear about the sort of floor you would like to wash and if you’ve got rugs or pets home, within the latter case choosing a model with a high suction capacity will facilitate cleaning and save time.
  • Brushes: There are prototypes that have one or more brushes, and that only has a suction nozzle. Those with brushes clean carpets thoroughly, while the others aren’t as effective, but they’re easier to use and maintain.
  • Tank capacity: Logically, the larger the deposits, the fewer times you’ll need to recharge them. Scrubbing models include one for sucking dirt and a liquid one for the scrubbing function.
  • Battery duration: The more square meters your home has, the more autonomy the robot should have. Also, most models have self-charging systems to be ready in the least times.
  • Price: Although models that include more features or those presented by the best-known brands tend to be costlier, it’s possible to seek out prototypes that include lower prices and competitive features. If you’re only trying to find the scrubbing option, you’ll choose an inexpensive or on sale robot vacuum and study if the functionality it does include is enough.

Conclusion: the mop robots that you are going to select

Any purchase must answer the private needs of each person. In any case, once you intend to buy a mop robot vacuum, assess aspects like the surface of the house, the sort of floor, whether or not you’ve got pets and carpets, or the time and frequency with which you’re getting to use the robot.

If you still not know which robot scrubber to settle on, an excellent idea is to seek out more. On Amazon, you’ll find a mess of models to match, descriptions, and, above all, the opinions of individuals who already use it. Plus, you can find different offers and promotions.

We hope that you did like this comparison and that you simply found the right robot vacuum for mopping floors, effective and complete cleaning of the ground of your home.

What do you think of our article? Let us know!

We are a website specialized in robot vacuums, with years of experience. We have great satisfaction when seeing our customers buy the best robot vacuum cleaner according to their tastes and needs. We love evolution and technology, and when it is used to help the families spending more time on something else more important than housework, we feel such satisfaction. Here you will see everything about the matters.

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