Today is World Car Free Day!

We want to congratulate you.

To you, who have always wanted to fulfill that difficult dream of one day walking through a big city without becoming a victim of pollution or noise pollution.

We also express our condolences to you.

The day didn’t seem to have the impact we all wanted.

Traffic is still present, and beeps and engine noise continue to grow.

Natural parks World Car Free Day

However, we feel obligated to you. There are so many shared articles that we want to offer you an alternative.

Wow, what are we going to do turn your car-free world day into reality.

For this we want to recommend three great parks where you can escape the tide of stress and speed.

Peace of parks on World Car Free Day

We will not beat on the bush, because you will already find a lot of vegetation in all these places. Here are three parks we want to take you for a walk during World Car Free Day:

  • Withdrawal of Madrid.
  • Barcelona Citadel.
  • Albufera from Valencia.

Surely at least you sound familiar.

World Car Day without sound

Withdrawal of Madrid

If we had to say which is the most special place in the Spanish capital, we would no doubt choose the Retiro de Madrid. In it, World Car Free Day lasts as long as you want.

Every day thousands of people walk in his paths. During the time they do this, their health returns to which their daily stress and anxiety insist that it be taken away from them.

When you go through it you seem to have teleported. You feel in another city. You can’t even believe there are vehicles, jobs and a big city out there. Inside is everything you need.

The sport is common and slider groups, also. You can make a picnic, touch a instrument or give you a boat ride. There are all advantages.

Barcelona Citadel

Transcript of the Madrid retreat in the city of Barcelona. One of the most special places in the Catalan capital where you can escape the hustle and bustle at any moment and really enjoy your world car-free day.

It is located next door zoo, is an ideal place for that Cycling and give walks until the soles of our shoes wear out. There are many workers nearby who think and let their imagination run wild. Under his shelter, anything is possible.

They meet very often families preparation picnics or waiting for a ride a boat. In addition, for all those who are foreigners in this city, they will find in it many sculptures that they will be happy to see.

Albufera from Valencia

At Globaliza, it seems like a joke for someone to visit Valencia for the first time and not allow themselves to walk through its famous Albufera. It’s something that marks tradition!

In it you can learn about the fundamental role it plays rice culture through history in this city. It is a magical place to enjoy one afternoon. It will be very different from what we are used to and will help us regain our batteries.

In it, World Car Free Day is real.

These are the three parks we suggest to you today. You can rest and calm down in all of them, so enjoy them with all your strength. Which is your favorite? Which one would you add to this list? Leave it in the comments!


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