Creating a reform is the smartest solution to achieve the maximum from home, increase its advantages, eliminate shortcomings and make it more practical, functional and beautiful.

Of course, depending on the home and the needs of its occupants, the reform will focus on improving, installing, or hiding certain elements, such as getting space, making the home brighter, more energy efficient, making it more comfortable and functional, and so on.

So if you’re going to do reform, keep with me that we’ll see 6 examples of real reforms where maximum benefit is created and the perfect home is created for its residents, eliminating what wasn’t needed, installing what was, and increasing the versatility of the whole house. Note that we start:

Remove partitions to get lighting, meters and make the home more accessible

Comprehensive renovation of the apartment to achieve shine

In this reform carried out by Nexdom, a special area of ​​the RACC group for renovation and interior design, carried out by interior designer Ana González, the distribution had to be tailored to the needs of residents who were a young couple with young children.

Modifying the house included removing partitions and increasing space, adding bathrooms where there were none, and getting space for original galleries to expand the bedrooms, as the previous distribution, the original, had very enclosed spaces, very small and poorly lit rooms.

By tearing down the partitions and redistributing the space, useful meters were acquired, the house became more spacious, spacious and brighter, allowing natural light to enter all the rooms.

Other works were performed, such as the renovation of electrical and plumbing installations, cleaning of interior and exterior carpentry, and the installation of new furniture and toilets in the bathrooms.

If you liked it, you can see all the reforms at Nexdom.

These reasons are among the main ones when deciding on the reform, but they are not the only ones. Let’s look at another reform with other solutions.

Close the terrace to increase the interior space

With the reform, close the terrace and get meters in the living room

Another of the most common reforms that make the most sense to improve a home is to close the balcony or terrace to make the living room larger.

In this case, the client went to Nexdom to request the reform of the whole house, the floor of only 35 m2, because the floor was never reformed and was already old, and the interior designer Carmen Muñoz was in charge of the work.

In addition, you had to get meters as well. Due to that, the terrace was closed, and thus the space was expanded, creating a new heated room.

The house also needed to be remodeled so that the client had more storage space, something that, at 35 m2, is necessary.

If you need to get meters and storage space, see all the details of this reform that you can see by clicking here.

Practical aesthetics

Nexdom apartment and kitchen renovation

Another reform that is usually done is to restore the aesthetics, not only to make the house more beautiful and current, but also to improve the quality of life, because the wooden floor added advantages that make the house copper warmth, robustness and comfort.

Not only the platform, but also the doors, and other important elements, as in this reform we see above these lines were carried out by Nexdom, and carried out by technical architect Ariadne Gardel.

The tenant needed to carry out a comprehensive reform of the first floor of his house in order to modernize the spaces on which the laminate flooring was laid.

In addition, some doors have been removed to allow natural light into the space.

The whole house was also painted in pristine white to visually make it bigger and brighter.

This, as an aesthetic, raised the house to a new decorative level. But the culmination was in the reform of the kitchen and bathroom, since in the kitchen, through new furniture and Neolithic panel, the whole kitchen got lighting and current and modern patina, also taking into account the exact distribution of each device. .

An apartment that, thanks to the reform, was beautiful, practical and very comfortable.

If you have something in mind for your reform, don’t miss all the details you can see on the official Nexdom website by clicking here.

Let’s look at more ideas and solutions:

Renovate the bathroom to get storage space

Bathroom renovation before and after

Most old bathrooms have very little storage capacity, with very outdated coatings, so mostly bathroom aesthetics and getting more storage space are usually the priorities of clients when they decide to reform a bathroom.

In this reform of this Nexdom bathroom carried out by interior designer Carmen Muñoz, these were the spaces for her reform, and the result was spectacular.

The client wanted a radical change in his bathroom by renovating not only the coatings and floors, but also the sanitary ware and installations.

Come on, what a comprehensive bathroom reform has significantly expanded the storage space and what is all integrated into the new and perfect aesthetics.

If you have in mind to reform the bathroom, do not miss all the reforms both before and after. Make a good note of what you can accomplish and write down ideas. You can see all the details here.

Add a wardrobe

Bedroom makeover to add wardrobe

A locker room in the bedroom is the dream of many. Upgrade the bedroom if it has a bathroom next to the bedroom with its own bathroom.

It’s not always possible because of the space available, but that’s exactly what renovation is for, right?

In this case, the reform we see above these lines is carried out by Nexdom in the hands of interior designer Ana González, the whole house is partially reformed, partitions are eliminated, new paving is installed after removing the old, new heating installation, ceilings, air conditioning is installed and interior and exterior carpentry replaced , with a complete renovation of the bathroom.

But the icing on the cake could fit the locker room into the master bedroom.

The bedroom which was also remodeled and made into a magazine, because in the reforms the walls were also smoothed to remove the happy gotelé, and used to be smooth, some were painted and others covered with papers, such as the main wall of the bedroom rooms with wardrobe, replicated Textile texture, extremely elegant.

Don’t miss all the details of this reform as there are many more surprises you can take advantage of to get very good ideas for your own. You can see them all by clicking here.

Opening space for remote work

Reform to create an area of ​​teleworking

If this pandemic has brought us anything good, it is teleworking. At least for some. There are others who do not see it as something positive in the end.

The fact is, whether it seems good or bad, there is no doubt that you had to improvise the office at home.

You can keep it that way or you can make a reform at home to give it a new space to use as an office. Things went well apart.

This was done in this second reform carried out by the Nexdom group and interior designer Ana González.

Clients needed a new area to be able to integrate their offices for comfortable telecommunications from home.

In order to do that, the area of ​​the living room had to be expanded by subtracting meters from the terrace of the house.

In this way, not only space was created for a working space that could accommodate two offices, but also a dining room.

It was necessary to tear down the wall that separated the living room from the terrace and move it to expand the area of ​​the living room. In addition, new carpentry was installed so that the house got a lot more natural light.

If you have in mind to make a partial reform to install your office, I advise you to look at all the details by clicking here, because you can get very good ideas.

Open the kitchen to the living room

Renovation of kitchen integration in the living room

For several years now, opening the kitchen to the living room and merging the two spaces has been one of the most sought-after reforms. There are many advantages. There are also some disadvantages like the smell in the kitchen or the loss of privacy.

Nevertheless, as I say, every day there are more people who choose to join the kitchen to the living room by tearing down the walls, as in this reform we see above these paragraphs by the Nexdom group and under the leadership of architect Ariadne Gardel.

The fenced space separating the living room from the kitchen was demolished, in addition a new floor was installed that unites both spaces, with a comprehensive kitchen reform to adapt to the new space and modern style of the apartment, as well as in the bathroom.

If you have in mind to join the kitchen to the living room, take a look at this reform and see all the details and the final result that you can see here.

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