Summer is at the door.

Next June 21 It will be the summer solstice and we will give it a place this season after spring, and if possible we will leave behind many allergies.

If you’ve been struggling all year because this time has come or you’re a student, congratulations. You deserve a good vacation.

But what if you were in the process of buying a property? If so, I did bad news.

Summer is the worst time to buy a home and in this article you will discover why this is so.

Why is summer the worst time to buy a property?

Buying a home in the summer

As they say, during the summer months hunger fulfills the desire to eat.

For starters, with all the boom in tourist rentals, many homeowners who have had a property for sale are considering a short break along the way.

There is the possibility of renting the property during these two or three summer months and returning the cargo for sale with a return sale in September.

If you add to that that many homeowners aren’t willing to sacrifice summer and generally delay looking for buyers, turn it off and let’s go.

In addition, many companies such as real estate agencies are also closing their doors to employee vacations, so opportunities are further reduced.

Patience is the mother of science: don’t rush to find the perfect home

Patience is the mother of science

In addition to the names that are on the calendar every month, what really matters is that you arm yourself with patience.

Many people think that they will find the home of their dreams right around the corner, but the reality is completely different.

The process of finding a new home is long, arduous and in many cases will force you to invest your free time in something you are not really passionate about.

That’s why it’s so important to use platforms like Globalize to simplify all of these processes and be able to find your ideal home much faster.

Want to buy a second home? So there is even more seasonality

Buy a second home in the summer

Unlike first home opportunities, summer is often quite fertile for those looking to buy a second home.

With nice weather and good temperatures, people are encouraged to look for a second home, especially in coastal areas.

In addition, by taking advantage of the fact that the owner is on vacation, the search for this type of housing that suits his interests is intensified.

If you want to accept our advice, it is best to endure the urge to buy this home for a while and wait until September.

At that time, there will be more offers, prices will return to their channel … and everything will work in a more rational way.

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