If you have decided to change the interior staircase that connects the first level of your home with the second or want to install a new one to take advantage of the uninhabitable attic you had or for any other reason, before hiring an architect to make plans, you should know some basic aspects of stairs and their different types, such as: internal spiral staircase, straight ladders, folding ladders, etc. Because that way it will be easier for you to come to the correct final conclusion. So, if you are planning to install ladders in the future or change the ones you have for new ones, these suggestions we will see below can be very helpful.

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Available space.

This is the most important part. Depending on the available space in the house to place the ladder, we can choose between one and the other. If we have little space or want to save as much as possible, we must look at the stairs that are prepared for this purpose, or take up as little space as possible.

Caraco stairsl:


Spiral stairs take up less space than traditional straight stairs, since the ascent is performed in a bend, while the stairs rotate about a vertical axis. It’s an elegant and beautiful way to add interior stairs that connect two floors without taking up a lot of space.

Many types of spiral staircases can be made depending on the materials used to build them, if in doubt, you can always look at the catalog or look at thousands on the internet stairs on the grid there is, to get acquainted with the product and see which options interest you the most and which do not.

Folding stairs:

Folding stairs are not very aesthetically pleasing, although they can always be a great solution when we have very little space in the home. His name says it all, these ladders overlap and unfold when we need them. Otherwise, the ladder remains hidden without taking up space either on the lower or upper floor.

This type of staircase is widely used to connect attics, attics or storage rooms, where we do not spend much time and the staircase is not a very passable area, withonly, the area of ​​passage used occasionallyum. Although that does not mean that it cannot be installed in the house to connect the living room with the sleeping area. It all depends on the needs of each person living in that home.

Straight stairs:

We will see several types of straight stairs, but until when space is a problem, the straight stairs that interest us are those that are a step deeper than the other, saves space and makes the descent equally safe and comfortable, like the one we see below:


If space is not an issue, we can use any type of ladder. The most often due to their simplicity and functionality are straight steps, with all obstacles the same. These stairs have one, flat part, without any interruptions, for example landing; Unless the section is very long and includes a rest landing if we need it.


Twisting stairs:


This type of staircase can generally be used in both cases, when there are or are no space problems..

When turning, they are perfect in case the length of the staircase is too long and the turn provides the necessary steps to complete the whole segment, even if you have to eat a little space, entering the room below. But for great evils, great medicines.

Of course, there are other types of stairs, but they are the most common and are used for traditional homes that do not require special solutions. If in our case, yes, we need special ladders because of the uniqueness of our home, the architect or stair company we hire, he would be in charge of designing it to meet our requirements.

Ladder construction materials:


As for the materials for building the stairs, we also have a few to choose from. From wood, an option that is often repeated, to concrete, which passes through metals such as steel, iron and even glass.

In this case, it all depends on our economic budget and the environment we want to achieve. Because depending on the type of staircase we choose we will achieve one or the other environment.

A staircase made of natural wood on the stairs and a wrought iron railing, which is more conducive to a rustic atmosphere, is not the same as a staircase with lacquered wooden stairs and a tempered glass railing with a chrome handle, which is more suitable for a modern and minimalist environment. Therefore, in this case, it is advisable to adapt the staircase to the type of environment we want to have in the home so as not to disturb the style printed in the house.

For additional inspiration, visit this article we wrote and you can see 15 impressive modern stairs.


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