If you are moving out of the house and you need cardboard boxes to move, below you will see some ways to get cardboard boxes for free moving in. Have you ever had to move and didn’t know where to get free cardboard boxes? You can get them for free on this website, without having to buy them. You will only have to move around your city a bit.

cardboard boxes in motion

Small supermarkets and shops. Shops, bakeries, pharmacies, in the Chinese or all the hundred or so shoe stores, to name just a few neighboring stores. These establishments receive goods in cardboard boxes on a daily basis. And if you look closely, the containers in your area are usually always full of cardboard boxes; those who throw. Come and ask them to keep them for you or give you the ones they have, they will be thrilled because you will save them the task of having to throw them away, and you will also have cardboard boxes for complete free movement.

Large supermarkets. Mercadona, Carrefour and Media Markt, to name a few of the most popular large supermarkets and shopping malls located in almost all Spanish cities, consume kilograms and kilograms of cardboard in boxes every day to transport the huge amount of products we are looking for. we buy there. Stop by the loading docks, “at the back door” and look for them. If they have at that time, you can take a lot of cardboard boxes.

Leave your contact information. Have you seen that block that was just built in your neighborhood and that every day a different truck comes in motion with the furniture and items of a new family that has just moved? Leave your contact information in mailboxes or directly with neighbors so that when they finish moving, they give you your cardboard boxes instead of throwing them away, which most do.

Put it in your social media profile. Maybe one of your many friends on Facebook, who live nearby or relatively close, has just moved in or some other circumstance in which he found himself with an excess of cardboard boxes. You never know!

Although you can get cardboard boxes for free this way, the truth is that a few years ago it was much easier. Today, day by day, you will see many people collecting cardboard boxes for all the containers, because it is a way of getting money, which seems to have become fashionable; so it could cost you a little more.

If you decide that going to the store is not your thing and you prefer to play it safe, there are many companies in which buy cardboard moving boxes. And if you don’t even want to leave home, you can do it online, order from your computer or smartphone and receive the boxes on the door of your house.

In some places you can buy cardboard moving boxes:

Amazon (they send them home to you)

eBay (send them home)

IKEA (you must collect them)

If you’re not convinced by these suggestions, a quick Google search will find several companies that sell removal boxes.

And you, where did you get the moving boxes from? If you have another alternative, leave a comment so other people can benefit.

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