If you have ever moved from a house to a smaller one and certain furniture did not suit you, or you simply intended to buy a new one for a new house, or you want to change large furniture in the living room or any other for years for a new one, or God forbid (because there are many cases) there is eviction and you want to remove furniture or any other accessories from the house before the date set by the judge, or any other case that comes to your mind where you want to dispose of your old or new furniture, we want to show you some ideas or suggestions so you can profit from that furniture by selling.


Many of you may already know this, but there are many people who do not know that there are companies that are dedicated to management sale of antique furnituredecorative items, even household appliances, which can bring economic benefits from them. Therefore, we will see some companies in this article where to sell antique furniture.


The first company we would like to talk about is Vacía tu casa. This company is in charge of managing the sale of your furniture, white goods and decorative items. They have a website www.vaciatucasa.com in which they display furniture through photographs, bringing sellers and buyers into contact. The only “but” that this company has is that it is dedicated only to the community of Madrid. Otherwise they have a pretty competent team that includes an appraiser and other management and marketing experts who can sell your furniture faster than you think and make good money from them.

eBayAnother website we can turn to to sell all types of furniture and any item, whether decorative or practical, is eBay. eBay is a well known and effective platform where you can sell all kinds of items like I said before. All you have to do is register here, take a few photos of what you want to sell and upload it via your control panel which will be given to you after registration. eBay is spread all over the world, so the chances of selling furniture are higher because it has millions of potential buyers.

In the same way as eBay, but nationally, we have www.segundamano.es, a portal to buy and sell insegundamano

that in the same way that eBay can publish our furniture that we will buy. The secondary hand from my point of view has the advantage, and that is that in addition to the appropriate categories of articles available, we can also choose our location so that people from our same city can buy them, regardless of what is located in Spain.

These are the 3 most recognized and effective portals (we believe) that can help you I am selling furniture and other items found in the house. Of course, there is much more to the internet, you just need to search and you will find other available websites. It should also be noted that you can take them to physical stores, for example to cash converters, to mention an acquaintance, where they can buy you furniture or other items to sell.

You know, if you want to sell furniture and make a profit, it’s easier for you now than ever.


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