Do you want to welcome 2021 with a decoration that brings back all the bad feelings of 2020 and gives a great welcome to the year?

2020, often a year old. We all agree that we need 2021 to be much better than the year we left behind, so today we are talking about that trends.

About trends and what would be nice if you changed in your home and received 2021 better than 2020.

Shall we start?

Pay attention to the colors

If that’s what you want give a completely different air to your home And follow the trends of 2021, one option is to always choose the ideal colors.

Whether on the walls or in the decoration, but it is important that the colors convey the harmony that you need from day to day.

Write this down.

Brave Ground

This color was chosen by Behr Paint for the color 2021 and it seems that it will be present in every home. It is a warm shade between brown and gray that provides a sense of balance and potential.

In addition, the good thing is that it combines with practically everything.

Olive green

Guess what will be a hit this season: green. Especially olive green because it has more success than a concert after a pandemic.

It is a soft, gentle and harmonious tone that fits perfectly in living rooms and bedrooms.

White combined with wood

Look. White is an essential thing that is repeated from year to year. It’s a color that’s impossible to miss: it doesn’t matter if it’s on walls, textiles, furniture or decorative pieces, you’ll always be right.

Now, if you want your home to get warm with this color or other equally neutral, the best thing you can do is combine them with wooden furniture.

Blue is back in all its variants

Blue was the color of Pantone in 2020 and it seems that it will stay during this one. The color that brings us calm reminds us of the sea.

It will also combine with gray and even green.

Safe hit.

Natural materials cannot be left out

The connection with nature will be present in 2021, so natural materials such as wood, canvas, leather, marble, stone, clay and wool will be the key to creating a pleasant and warm environment.

The best? It will combine textures and shapes. In addition, recycled materials and biomaterials will become protagonists.

In terms of shapes, the trend focuses on rounded parts for sofas, armchairs, lamps and other accessories.

Any ideas? Look.

  • Bamboo: perhaps the most repetitive material. In addition to being natural, it is also renewable and environmentally friendly.
  • Lino: fresh and resistant, it is also ecological clothing, because it needs less water to create than other materials such as cotton.
  • Linoleum: an ideal way to bring warmth and ecology to your floors. It is a natural and biodegradable material.
  • Cork: Do you want to insulate rooms or areas? This one is perfect for both hot and cold. And it is added to accessories such as baskets, boxes, pots, jars, vases or furniture.
  • Organic wool: it avoids the use of bleaching chemicals, solvents and additives, so it becomes a very environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Hemp, material you’ll find mostly in pillowcases, rugs and curtains.

The feeling of calm and peace, in addition to the connection with nature, is achieved thanks to this type of natural materials.

Cover the floor and walls with them, you can also use it in decorative accessories, paintings, rugs and pantries.

In addition to giving your home a new life, you will use materials that help the environment.

Get an interior design worthy of a professional

We will review some of the trends already mentioned to keep you in what matters.

Navy color will be important

He new black it is perfect for creating elegant and modern spaces. In addition to the entire chromatic range of blue, it will be a trend throughout the year.

You know, anything that reminds you of the sea is welcome at home. Which also helps you disconnect and relax a bit.

Gray and neutral colors

You know, neutral colors will never go out of fashion.

The most important thing about this type of space is the introduction of subtle details that will give more character to the interior.

I mean, it’s perfect for create a more intimate and pleasant environment.

And the main focus of the new season is gray with neutral tones like white, beige, brown or similar colors.

Of course, don’t forget about more boring colors like olive green, the rest of the blouse or coral that combine perfectly with neutral and gray.

Bright forest inspired by Scandinavian

They will be a trend material for interiors, all to create an organic and ecological environment in which the use of organic and sustainable materials will be highlighted.

When light-colored wood and raw aesthetics pass through your head, think that it can become a highlight for multi-purpose spaces.

Ecological and biodegradable materials

The ecological crisis That is one of the most worrying issues, and it is such that it is reflected in the interior design.

Therefore, the use of environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials is part of the trends for 2021.

In addition, we incorporate here the use of bioplastic materials, reused materials and materials with low environmental impact. Everyone will turn around for next year.

Graphic line al face line

Surely you have already seen this trend which is especially noticeable in the online world.

It went viral design issues until it expands to jewelry and finally to decoration.

In 2021, you will find it even in soup: paintings, wallpapers, fabrics, cups … whatever you can think of.

Elegantly industrial

Something as simple as installation painted brick walls, concrete or wooden floors, metal chairs, crystal lamps and other designer pieces can help you bring industrial elegance into your home.

Are you already clear on how you will improve your home for the new year?

We have given you all the keys that will revolutionize interior design in 2021, we hope you will use them wisely to give your home the new look it deserves.

Keep in mind that you can access more unique decorating tips for this 2021 year in Globaliza and make your home a space worthy of a magazine


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