The electric cars are in trend.

Governments across Europe are focused on setting up a public charging network that really makes it possible to deal with any situation with an electric car.

However, until every city prepares for such a situation, you will have to prepare your house for charging an electric car.

Is an electric car enough for everyday life?

Electric car

Yes, sound.

According to INA, we Spaniards do it on average 30 kilometers a day by car.

This means that we will cover about 150 kilometers on a working day from Monday to Friday.

That’s an amount less than the full deposit of any electric car you have on the market today.

By charging the car from time to time at home you will have enough energy for everyday life.

How to charge an electric vehicle: the most important detail to consider

What do you need at home for an electric car?

Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle?

If so, you need to consider one of the most important points to make sure this vehicle is for you: charging.

Although it will not be necessary to have filling tools at home in the future, today it is practically the only viable alternative.

So, for starters, you will need your own garage space (or part of the community) to be able to make these charges.

Can I charge an electric car at home?

That’s how it is.

Charging the car at home is designed to make better use of the time spent in detention: usually at night.

In this way, every morning we will find the vehicle fully charged and ready for the day ahead.

Do you need to change the electricity contract and increase the contracted power?

The world of electric cars is still unknown to most people.

Look, we’ve been moving vehicles for years, but now we’re very lost.


Whether you have to increase the contracted power or not will depend on what you are currently agreeing to and the power you want to charge the car with.

You can maintain the contract if you opt for low power consumption and install a charger that allows configuration at that power or if you have a conventional plug and no need for charging more than 2.3 kW.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

Although I would like to tell you the exact number, that would be quite irresponsible of me.

The price of energy varies every day – and sometimes we wake up with surprises like changes in electricity bills.

Therefore, depending on when and where you charge the vehicle, you will pay more or less for it.

The most interesting thing today is to hire a time discrimination rate and choose the time with the lowest cost.

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle at home?

As you can imagine, it will depend on the power you have contracted at home.

However, the most common is that with a night of charging you can wake up with the vehicle ready to go.

What if I don’t have a garage? Can I have an electric car?

As I already told you, it is ideal to charge it at home. However, it is not always possible to:

  • You may not have a garage space.
  • You may want to go on vacation for a while.

While it is true that this is something much more enjoyable, the reality is that there are alternatives to which you can add:

  • Gas stations that already suggest alternatives with superfast filling stations.

How much does it cost to install a charging station at home?

If you have to deal with the cost of installing a charging station at home, you need to know that you will exceed 1,000 euros.

With this amount you will pay for the material needed for the square, as well as the work of experts who install them.

And what if I want to install it in the neighborhood?

The first thing you need to know is that you have the right to install this bottling plant and no one can tell you no.

Although it is not necessary to inform the Community of Neighbors, it is important that you inform the Administration in writing – in accordance with the Law on Horizontal Property.

In any case, the important thing is that the vehicle fleet in Spain is increasingly ready for the arrival of electric cars.

It is now possible to live with an electric car and enjoy a 100% guarantee as a driver.

Especially if you have a garage for installing filling hoses …


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