There are too many shades brown in the furniture and too many colors to match with them to list them all and create a list wall paints that match brown furniture.

That would be an unproductive task, as well as a titanic one.

Also, as we will now see, whether the paints or paints on the walls were applied with style and in the right quantities, virtually any color matches brown furniture, whether light or dark.

To illustrate what I am saying, I have prepared this article with pictures living rooms and other spaces with brown furniture, painted in different colors, so you can see that there are many colors to choose from, and, above all, to inspire you. Let’s see them.

Living room with brown furniture painted in burgundy blue

Photography and Bruguer colors

In blue. It is true that the room we see above this paragraph of Bruger has other colors besides blue and brown, but as we can see on the accent wall, blue and brown wood makes a very good couple.

Even though that blue is a dark shade, so can we combine brown furniture with shades of lighter blue.

For this combination to work best, it is better to pair light brown with light blue and dark brown with dark blue.

Room painted beige with brown wooden furniture

Without. Actually from any bright creamy shade like off-white, beige and earth tones It can be added to the walls in the living room with light furniture, like pine, or something darker and reddish like cherry furniture, as we see in this bedroom which has brown wooden furniture and beige walls.

Turquoise living room Maisons du Monde with brown furniture

Todo – Maisons du Monde

Turquoise. Now let’s move on to happier and more carefree colors.

The living room we see above the Maisons du Monde, in addition to the brown color of the furniture, has another dominant color, yellow; but we can clearly understand how turquoise blends beautifully with wooden furniture and floors.

If you love turquoise for the living room, here you can see 17 rooms in turquoise to inspire you.

Living room with brown furniture painted orange

Design and photography by Jenna Burger

Of Orange. While this is the muted tone we see in the picture above these lines, we can also appreciate how well it combines with brown wooden furniture.

Orange is another color we can combine with furniture, whether it’s light, medium tones, as we see above, or dark.

Bedroom green painted with brown furniture

Photo of the Sun pets

Green. Green and brown are the two colors we see most in nature, so paint the walls green dark furniture, like mahogany, dark oak, cherryetc., or, of course, it also works, as we see above these lines.

Yellow living room with brown furniture

Photo by Julia Brenner for apartment therapy

Yellow. We can appreciate although there are other colors that complete the room scene above this passage yellow works great with brown on furniture and floors.

So keep in mind that yellow is also added to this color list.

Living room painted in pink with brown furniture

Photo by Mortil Mernee

Pink. Another magnificent color for painting the walls of the room with dark furniture, as we see in the picture of this room.

Although the shade of the walls is soft, pale, another hot pink would be good.

In this case, in pink works best with dark furniture like walnut, for example, than with lighter wood furniture, such as pine or light oak.

Purple colored living room with brown furniture

Bruguer Photography and Colors

Purple. As we can see in the living room above, although there is another color that complements the three-color palette of the scene, purple fits perfectly into the wooden furniture.

And purple, lilac, purple and other relatives.

In this case, the darker the furniture, the better it will match purple.

Red painted bedroom with brown wooden furniture

Red. Although it is a bedroom, we can perfectly appreciate how red combines very well with brown, both from wooden furniture and from the floor.

White painted living room with brown wooden furniture

Herzundblut Photography

From white. In the spectacular living room upstairs we can see how the white color goes extremely well with the brown furniture.

It can’t be less, because white goes with everything.

The interesting thing about this room is that we often get complicated with excessive decorations, and simply choosing the right furniture does not require painting the walls.

Living room painted in black wood

Photo by @the_house_that_jen_built

In black. Another color that never stops is black.

Yes, it is true that not only should it be well combined with furniture; We must also consider the natural lighting that the room receives and whether it is large or small.

But when it comes to brown furniture, floors and other brown wood, black works well.

Gray-colored bedroom with brown wood and furniture

Gray. Naturally, gray is another color that combines with brown, light or dark furniture.

And even if it’s a gray bedroom, we can perfectly see that the brown color of the furniture, beds, closets, side tables and dark floor combines perfectly.

Brown colored living room with brown furniture

Brown tones. Obviously, another color we can add to the walls of our living room is brown, light or dark furniture brown in any of the shades, as we appreciate in this modern living room painted in brown and white, with brown furniture.

As you can see, there is many colors with which we could paint the walls of the living room or any other room that has brown or wooden furniture. And they are by no means the only ones. Like I said, walls are easy to paint with brown furniture because they combine with almost any color. But if you doubt what other colors to combine, here you can see colors that combine with brown.


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