We talked about it at other times which color is better to make smooth, which is stronger, more periwinkle, etc. And we always came to the conclusion that it was the best picture plastic, satin or glossy plastic for interiors. But not everyone likes their walls to shine, many of us prefer matte walls. The matte finish diminished the advantage that the wall could be cleaned so easily and its resistance over time, scratches, etc.

But it’s over now. For all those who want a smooth wall, with an exceptional finish, high hardness and resistance, with the possibility of washing the wall without leaving stains and, most importantly, in the matte finish I can use matte water enamel base. Excellent quality paint for interiors.

The normal thing and what I would recommend to anyone who does not understand most of the topic is that for interior use plastic paint, true, plastic paint is very versatile for interiors, but when we talk about matte plastic paint, for the very good quality that this one has, no can be compared to enamel in water.

Water-based enamel is more expensive than plastic paint. A 12 liter bucket of quality plastic paint can cost you, depending on the color, from 60 to 100 euros, and enamel would be a bit more expensive, also depending on the color and quality.

But the finish is exceptional, both in terms of strength covered, and in terms of resistance and cleaning.

It must be said that you can obviously use this paint whenever you want, but it is advisable to use it only when you want to make large smooth surfaces. We mean by big smooth perfectly smooth. Smooth, insulated and perfectly prepared walls, on which the smooth looks good, whether in the living room, bedroom, etc.

If your purpose is to paint a storage room, ceiling or garage, it is better to use plastic paint, it is cheaper and more suitable for these situations. But as we have already said, if your purpose is to paint the room perfectly smooth and you want it to be matte, the best paint that exists is water-based enamel. Also, this color is 100% washable.

Although the enamel, being water-based, is diluted with water, you cannot add a solvent like other enamels. It is sold in any paint store, and the rollers, brushes and tools you paint with are rinsed with water.

Usually this paint (water-based enamel) is used to enamel doors, windows, irons, chairs, etc. But lately, thanks to its advantages, it is applied on smooth interior walls.


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