Combine the colors of the walls and pillows with a gray sofa In the living room or any other space where it is available, it is really simple. Fortunately, we are talking about the king of neutral colors, gray.

But even if it’s simple and doesn’t require great skills, there’s nothing like watching photos, ideas and tips of living rooms with gray sofas, to get a more faithful idea of ​​what our gray sofa would look like in the living room with different colors on the walls and pillows on it.

So, I have divided the article into two sections, so by clicking on it you can go directly to the one you are interested in or read everything, if that is what you want:

How to paint the walls with a gray couch

White walls combined with a gray sofa

Photo My full house

In white. All colors are used to paint the walls with a gray sofa, because as I say, it is a neutral tone that above all allows any other color but white.

And that is that white is not only safe to combine with gray, but it is also safe with other colors in the living room, such as furniture, floor, pillows, rugs and other decorative elements.

But don’t worry, if white seems very bland, there are many more colors to paint the walls and combine with the gray sofa we’ll see right now.

Note: The darker the gray and the lighter the color of the wall, the more contrast there will be between the two tones and the more it will stand out.

Neutral tones on the walls combined with a gray sofa

Jotun Photography

Earth tones. Another color with which we can paint the walls of our living room to match the gray sofa is a very soft earthy tone, because, in addition to being combined with the sofa, they accompany the rest of the decorations, such as this beautiful color so-called. Soft touch of Jotun.

Otherwise, although we’ll see photos and ideas for combining pillows on a gray sofa later, it wouldn’t hurt if you already look at these photos we see, in addition to the colors of the walls, so you can get ideas.

Let’s go to another color.

Spicy honey color on the walls combined with a gray sofa

Bruguer Photography

If a very soft earthy tone still seems too weak, medium earthy tones, as we see above these lines, also work very well with a gray sofa, in addition to combining perfectly with other colors like wood, a material of which there is always plenty in the house . The one we see in the picture is Bruger’s new color for 2019, spicy honey.

Do those earth tones still suit you? Ok, let’s raise the tone a little more, which is also valid and combines very well with the gray color.

Earth tones, whether low, medium or high, are a good choice for painting the walls of the living room with a gray sofa, as they add warmth that is lacking in gray or white.

Let’s see more colors.

Beige and red color in the walls combined with a gray sofa

Photo ShutterStock

Without. Well, apart from the beige color, we can also see how red combines with gray charcoal on the sofa.

Naturally, red is a tone with which we already have to be more careful and attentive when we combine it not with the sofa, but with other elements that make up the decoration of the living room.

Blue color on the wall combined with a gray sofa

Photo by @Milou_nieuwenhuis

Blue tones. The soft blue colors not only match the gray sofa, but the medium-high tones also look good. In an elegant way, creating a “more adult” space.

Dark blue wall color combined with gray sofa

Photo of Twentyeight Nest

Dark blue. To finish with the blues, here we can see how dark blue, very young and modern, combines perfectly with the bluish gray color of the sofa.

Gray color on the wall combined with a gray sofa

Photography @lavienrose

Gray. As you can imagine, the shades of gray on the walls or any other surface also go perfectly with the gray sofa.

Therefore, as we will now see, if you have a gray sofa and want to paint the walls, also in gray tones, you are safe. Be it soft, medium or high tones.

Black wall color combined with gray sofa

Photo by @huizedop

Black. Naturally with black I also had to combine gray, and we can paint the walls of our living room black to combine with a gray sofa whenever we want, that is, whenever the lighting, space and other elements allow. add black paint to the walls.

advice: Both gray and black tones, although they combine very well with all gray sofas, together create a cool space because they all lack shade. For this reason, it is desirable to add warm materials such as wood or some other warm color, such as earth tones, for example.

Red color on the wall combined with a gray sofa

Red. Red is one of the colors that combines best with gray, and we could already see it in this article where we saw colors that combine with gray.

As is normal, although we can paint the walls red without fear in combination with a gray sofa, we must be more careful with the other elements in the living room, because red is very expressive and should be well combined.

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Terracotta paint on the walls with a gray sofa

Vtwonen Photography

Rustic red or terracotta. Terracotta or rustic red is a very beautiful red, warmer than other shades of red and is widely used in interiors, and which also combines perfectly with a gray sofa, as we can see in the rustic living room above these lines.

Coral color in the walls combined with a gray sofa

Coral. Coral color, which Pantone declared the color of 2019, is another color with which you can paint the walls if you have a gray sofa, without any fear, because they combine perfectly.

Green wall combined with gray sofa

Green. Green is a fresh and attractive color that beautifies every space and gives it life. Something that goes really well when there is a gray couch in the living room, because it is a gray color that is mostly quite unusual.

Although we have seen many colors with which we will paint the walls to combine them with the gray sofa, as I said at the beginning, all colors are combined with this color, even if they did not appear in the article.

Okay, now that we’ve seen the colors on the walls, let’s move on to textiles, specifically to pillows.

How to combine pillows on a gray sofa

As the couch is gray, you could say the same as for the colors of the wall, and in fact I say that: any color or pattern of pillows will look good with a sofa.

In order to place the pillows correctly, not only the color of the sofa must be taken into account, which in this case gray allows you to add any pillow, but also the rest of the decoration.

Well, let’s take a look at a few good examples, where the pillows on the gray sofa and the rest of the living room are combined, so you can see some of the many options you have.

A gray sofa that combines pillows in gray and yellow tones

KenayHome sofa and pillows and furniture

If you add some yellow tones, like mustard, the combination will win. Gray and yellow in all their shades go well together.

A gray sofa that combines pillows in neutral and blue tones

Sofa and pillows and furniture from KenayHome

If your decor is in neutral tones, calm colors, like the living room we see above, and you do not want to create a great contrast with pillows, then a combination of white and neutral tones and some color accents, but subtle, can work very well.

A gray sofa that combines white and gray pillows

KenayHome sofa and pillows and furniture

Simple and effective: add two white pillows to a gray sofa. It’s a surefire way to do it right by choosing a pillow. Naturally, you have to like it, not just to be able to apply it.

But it’s not just the color of the pillows that matters, far from it, even if they’re on a gray sofa; We need to consider other factors as well, such as the size or the way we place them, and for that they have an article on the Due Home blog that explains this very well.

A gray sofa that combines pillows in gray tones

Sofa and pillows and furniture from KenayHome

The combination of several pillows in blue-gray tones or neutral tones is perfect for a gray sofa.

Gray sofa with white and gray pillows

Sofa and pillows and furniture from KenayHome

Pillows with bright checkered patterns and gray tones that do not stand out, but dress the sofa very well, perfect for Nordic-style spaces.

But if you like pillows and want to “wrap” yourself with them, one way to be sure is to choose neutral tones or colors that already exist in the color palette of your living room, as in this case, black.

Gray living room with pillows in neutral tones

KenayHome sofa and pillows and furniture

If you want warmth, go for gentle earth tones. They are almost neutral, blend in with everything else and create a warm and hospitable atmosphere.

Gray sofa with turquoise pillows

If, on the contrary, you want to create a contrast, either just because of the pillow or some other element, then the color of these can create that contrast and enhance that of other accessories, creating a color palette to decorate the room, a very interesting living room.

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Fortunately, the combination is countless, as many as there are different pillows and ways to combine them on a gray sofa. I hope these ideas and tips have helped you and, as I always say, if not and if you have any questions, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer.


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