Typical cement floors that we usually see in workshops, warehouses, garages, etc., over time are inevitable to fail due to continuous use. These deteriorations are manifested in the form cracks, tears, holes or holes in the ground different sizes.

Once they show up fractures in the ground There is no choice but to repair them, if not, these damages would make it difficult for the various means of transport used on the said land to move, and they will get worse and worse, getting bigger and becoming a bigger problem.

To repair, repair or renovate these concrete floors there are several types mortar, but today we will talk to you and recommend a specific one. It’s from the company Diasen and that is a epoxy stucco called Epofill Kit.

It is an ideal solution for repairing injuries on pavements in any condition. This material can completely fill the treated lesion, penetrating perfectly into the soil substrate and perfectly restoring it.

Your application is very simple. It is enough with the Epofill Kit stucco, a trowel and a mixer to mix the mixture perfectly until it becomes a homogeneous mass and trowel. Once the dough is prepared, the spatula is covered with cracks and irregularities on the floor and smoothed with a trowel.

Here we leave you a Diasen brand video where they teach us step by step how to repair concrete floor epoxy stucco Epofill Kit.

Video and photo: Diasen


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