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After an article we wrote recently, where we also showed how to make paint colors and white paint to save money, we get a lot of feedback asking us how to make certain colors. What colors or colors to use to get brown, how to make pink, how to get terracotta, how to make purple, how to make brown… We have already answered these and other questions in the comments, but as we see that there are many more comments that ask us how to create such and such a color, we decided to make a guide article in which we will explain as roughly as possible what colors we can get by mixing color. Let’s see them.

How to make green:

Yellow plus blue on white make green. Depending on the amount of yellow or blue, we will get green or another.

Lemon yellow plus blue on white make pistachio green.

The usual yellow and blue on white make the leaf green.

As we have already said, depending on the amount of yellow or blue we use, we will get a different shade of green. But if you want to get green, these are the two colors you need to mix.

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How to make orange:

Yellow and red on white make it orange. Also, depending on the amount of yellow and red we use, we will get a different shade of orange. If we use a lot of red, we will get a very reddish orange color, if we use a lot of yellow, the orange tone will be brighter, more yellowish. But if what you’re looking for is orange, you have to mix yellow and red.

How to make purple:

Purple has many shades. Lilac, purple, dark purple … But everything is achieved by mixing red with blue on white. As with all blends, depending on the amount of red or blue we use, we will get a red or more bluish purple.

How to make pink:

Pink is obtained by mixing red to white. The more red color we add, the stronger the pink hue will be.

How to make blue:

Blue color is achieved by mixing blue and white. If we want a light blue color, we will add a little shade of blue, and the darker we want, the more blue we will need to cast white.

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How to make a turquoise color:

Turquoise is a variant of blue and yellow, so to achieve this color we mix a shade of blue with a small proportion of yellow on white.

How to make brown:

Brown can be achieved in several ways because there are browns or dyes.

Therefore, this can be achieved by mixing a dark brown or brown spot over white or by mixing blue, yellow and a small proportion of red.

Depending on the shade of brown, we add more or less color. If we are looking for a light brown color, by mixing a little dark brown or brown on white, we will get light brown, if we want a darker brown, we can add more brown or brown to white.

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How to make ocher color:

Ocher can also be achieved in several ways, as the shade of ocher is used on the color.

Therefore, the easiest way to achieve ocher color is by mixing ocher color on white.

The second way is by mixing yellow, a small part of black and a little blue and red. This method is more complex, but you may be left with a bit of color in these colors. If so, you get an ocher color with this mixture. If not, it is best to buy an ocher stain and mix it with white paint.

How to make ivory color:

Ivory color can also be achieved in various ways. The easiest way is to put ocher on white with a pinch of red or yellow (depending on the ivory shade we are looking for).

Another way is to mix white with black in equal parts, plus a large part of yellow and a hint of red. Although this form is more complex, of course.

How to make meat color:

The color of the meat is a very ambiguous color because the color of the meat is not well defined, but we can roughly get the color of the meat by mixing red with a few drops of ocher or yellow on white.

How to make gray:

Gray is the easiest to get, all we need is white and a black spot. Depending on the amount of black shade we add, we will get a lighter or darker gray. The more black we use, the darker the gray will be.

How to make red:

To make red, we need white and red. We will never get a pure red color, because we would need a color with a transparent or translucent base for that. But if you have red and white, you can get a reddish hue.

These are the most commonly used colors, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment and we will be happy to answer or listen to it. These mixtures that we have prepared are made in matte plastic paint. They would also work on a satin or glossy color, but obviously the result should add shine. They can also be applied to oil-based paints using universal stains. But remember, you can never mix water-based paints (plastic) with oil-based paints (synthetic enamels).

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