Decorating with recycled elements is one of the strengths of a blog that I like to harness, because as you know, I like to give a second life to objects that no longer seem to serve.

That is why I have prepared this article, in which we will see the type of paint needed, with which glass or glass is painted or should be painted, so that we can decorate jars, jars or any other container or glass element and give it another chance.

Surely you have a lot of these glass jars in your house, like jams, legumes, coffee and the like, and, well decorated with the appropriate color, you can give them a second life and decorate your home with them.

Painted and decorated masonry or glass vessels

There are many ways to decorate these glass jars, we have just seen proof of this with this compilation of how to decorate and reuse glass jars, which if you missed you can take a look here.

But in today’s article, we’ll focus on more than ideas the most common types of paint used to paint and decorate mason jars or glass. Let’s see them:

Acrylic paint for painting glass

Acrylic paint for painting glass or crystals

The acrylic painting is one of the most versatile there is, because it can use on paper, canvas or glass.

This type of paint can be used directly from the tube, with the help of brushes or brushes, but sometimes it can be too thick, so depending on the transparency we want to give the jar or glass we painted, sometimes it is convenient to dilute it with a little water.

And although this paint is waterproof, that is, it will not dilute when it dries in a jar, if we want it to last, it is best to apply a layer of water-based varnish to protect the paint from going away.

If you want buy paint acrylic, here on Amazon you can buy a set of 24 tubes for about 18 euros.

Let’s look at another glass color.

Glass glaze

synthetic enamel for glass

Photo: Hogarutil

Painting with glass enamel It is a widely used method because it provides the artist with endless mixtures of colors and endless shades. You can use brushes or brushes, depending on the thickness you want, there are even those that use glass enamel with air brushes.

It all depends on your abilities.

It would be convenient whenever we use this type of paint, to use goggles and masks.

Finally, and for a proper ending, we will have to bake the painted glass jar for 20 to 30 minutes, on this way, we will perfectly fix the paint on the glass jar, because we speed up the drying process.

We can buy enamel in any paint store. It is available in two different formulas, water-based, water-dilutable enamel and oil-based, and the latter is better, cheaper, more resistant and more durable for me.

Although you can do it from Amazon as well click here >>

Permanent markers for staining glass

permanent markers for glass

The permanent markers are perfect for drawing and writing on glass, ideal for precise designs, as there is a wide range of tips such as brush tips, fine and coarse tips.

In addition to a wide range of colors and textures: glitter, fluorescent, pastel, metallic … etc. Once we have finished drawing on the glass, we will need to fix the image with heat, following the instructions that came with the markers.

You can find these markers in office supply stores or in multi-price stores (Chinese), or if you don’t want to move from the sofa, you can buy a package of 40 permanent markers for staining glass here on Amazon, very interesting.

Special paint for glass

Special paint for glass

There is also special color for glass, which work perfectly, like the one we see above this passage, Pébe’s Vitrall.

This type of color is transparent, which makes the finish more spectacular.

For proper fixation, it is necessary to insert a colored glass piece into the oven at about 160º. Of course, once it dries, the paint should not come off, even if we put the piece in the dishwasher.

For example, you can buy this type of paint in craft or modeling shops or, as in the previous cases, buy it at home, on Amazon, by clicking here.

These are types of paint that you can buy and use to paint and decorate any recycled glassware that you have at home or even made of ceramics.

It is true that in this way, in addition to recycling glass, we can get unique and personal items for decoration.

As for me, the theory is not too difficult, so I will have to move on to practice. You know, if you dare to paint and decorate your glass jars, don’t hesitate to tell me!

And if you need inspiration to decorate jars now, don’t miss these 40 ideas for decorating and painting mason jars.

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