Not only furniture and decoration are subject to a cycle of trends, but also home appliances, because they are undergoing increasing changes, new ones appear that make our lives easier, and manufacturers innovate to create more efficient and effective devices.

And that’s what we’re going to see today, 5 trends in 2021 appliances, in case you want your kitchen to be updated, know what is most in demand today. We started.

Oil-free fryers

Oil-free fryer Mellewere

Oil-free Melleware fryer

This relatively new appliance is one of the most sought after lately, as it allows us to enjoy the benefits of fried food, but without frying in oil. So, the public enemy of No. 1 cuisine, fried food, due to its high fat content, is eliminated from the equation when we enjoy crispy “fried” potatoes or delicious croquettes or other delicacies that we can’t afford every day if we used a fryer with old-fashioned oil.

The fact is that oil-free fryers use high-temperature air currents for cooking and toasting food, allowing them to fry without a single drop of oil, if you don’t want to, because there are some recipes that can add a little.

Another advantage of oil-free fryers is their price, because although there are models that can cost almost 300 euros, we have others much cheaper and extremely efficient for about 50 euros, like these models we see above. Of these lines and which we can buy here in Mellerware, also in blue.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this device is one of the most popular in 2021, because it is one of the most sought after by consumers.

Let’s look at another trend in home appliances:

Smart devices

Smart devices

Smart devices like washing machines or refrigerators are no exception, in fact they are in full swing, and they are.

That is, each year they will be smarter, with more integration of voice assistants, ultra connected and we will be able to communicate more with them with more control.

That’s what’s coming, and it’s become powerful in all appliances, from washing machines to refrigerators, through dryers, dishwashers, ovens and microwaves, among the most prominent.

It is no longer unusual, and it will seem less as time goes by that you can put the washing machine off your smartphone when you are, for example, in the cinema.

Such features have forced manufacturers to bet heavily on equipping home appliances with multifunctional functions, making them the so-called smart home appliances of today.

Move on.

2-in-1 devices

American refrigerator Samsung Family Hub Smart

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator from Samsung at a price of about 3,000 euros onwards, depending on the model.

From the beginning, devices have always had one function. Refrigerate to cool and keep food healthy longer. Baking oven. Dishwasher for washing dishes. Washing machine for washing and it still lasts.

This is not initially the case, it is still the case, but when it comes to trends in appliances, we already see some models that combine several functions and thus become 2 in 1 devices, such as, for example, ovens that they have a dishwasher, or even an oven with a dishwasher and a ceramic or induction hob, also refrigerators that have a computer, such as the Samsung model, a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator that comes with a built-in LED screen that is practically a computer, or already known washing machines laundry with drying function, among other models.

As the floors are getting smaller every day, it is normal for this trend to increase on the list of trends in devices, because it allows us to have all the devices we need in a minimum of space, without the use of an extra centimeter.

Let’s look at another trend in home appliances that has been growing for several years:

Color in devices

SMEG blue washing machine

Blue washing machine in SMEG 50 style

If I tell you that you mean a washing machine, I’m sure you came up with a white washing machine, or mostly steel, right? Same if I tell you you mean a refrigerator or any other appliance in your kitchen.

It’s over. That is, we can buy them if we want in these classic colors, but what has really changed is that now in many of them we have different colors to choose from, in case we want to give the kitchen a special touch of color, or put appliances in the same color as kitchen cabinets.

Although some of the larger appliances like refrigerators or washing machines, like the light blue SMEG models we see above these lines, can now be found in different colors, especially in smaller appliances like toasters, microwaves, etc., where there is a greater variety of colors , being able to provide the kitchen with small color accents here and there with the various appliances we use every day, such as a coffee machine, toaster or oil-free fryer we saw at the beginning of the article.

Steam washers

LG steam washer

LG steam washing machine series

Just as in the world of deep fryers, oil-free deep fryers have revolutionized the market, in the world of washing machines, steam ovens aim to do so. And it’s nothing new, because if you’ve noticed, especially in industrial laundries, they use this technique to remove even the heaviest stains.

The advantages of steam washers, which are becoming more and more popular compared to conventional washing machines, are several and important.

For starters, they use much less water, so water consumption is lower, which affects our pockets, but especially the environment. In addition, they clean faster and more efficiently than water.

Thanks to the steam, it penetrates the fabric deeper than water and is able to remove the heaviest stains. It also removes germs, bacteria and allergens, and it is something that can improve the quality of life for everyone, but especially for allergy sufferers.

These main advantages over traditional water washing devices gradually position them on the market and they are looked at with better eyes every time.

So much so that several important manufacturers have already launched washing machines with dual water / steam functions, such as the smart washing machine LG 9 series that we see above these lines.

There are more trends, and there will always be more, but if you are looking for the best from this 2021 in terms of devices, these are the ones we have just seen. Are you using any of the devices we just saw? I read you in the comments.


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