We are aware that taking all these steps on our own is a very complex challenge.

If you focus on improving these points, you will be able to give a new stamp to the property and increase the value for which you can find a tenant.

As you know, potential tenants decide through their own emotions and theirs feelings. If upon entering the property they feel it is a dream home, they will be willing to pay much more.

You have to attack here.

If you give new life to these 5 aspects, you will be able to create the best feelings in your clients:

  • Kitchen room.
  • House floors.
  • Illumination.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Walls.

Want to know how to use each room? Then keep reading!

# 1 Kitchen: a place where you can fall in love at first sight

How to reform your kitchen to get a tenant who wants to pay more

The kitchen is one of the parts of the property that potential tenants value the most.

You have to think that this is one of the most commonly used areas and that it becomes on many occasions center of family life.

There, they have breakfast, lunch and dinner as much as they can, comment on how the day went and strengthen family ties.

However, there is a belief that this is one of the most expensive reform rooms. And while you need to invest, you can do it very smartly and save a lot of money.

For example, if the kitchen furniture is kept in good condition and the problem is that it looks old, you can bet on vinyl coating.

It is a vinyl that sticks to furniture and gives it a more modern, fresh and youthful touch. The feelings of the landlord upon entering will be completely different.

Another aspect that must be transformed is the soil. You must have entered very modern houses, but they had a floor that looked like it was from the second century. The tenant notices this. So, if you manage to give a modern stamp, you will increase your chances.

You have two options for this:

  • Polyurethane paint. It cleans the grease from the floor well and covers it with this paint to give it a much more modern touch.
  • Vinyl floors. It works the same as furniture. This will give you a unique look.

I’m sure you now think the most expensive thing in the kitchen is an electric appliance. And you’re right there. They are expensive. However, there are opportunities to find it big brands at very competitive prices.

There are stores that sell cheaper appliances because they have tare. A small blow that will no longer allow trading in official stores. So you will have to go to secondary or used stores.

You will save a lot of money.

# 2 House Floors: Start with the foundations

How to reform the floor of your home to increase the money that the tenant is willing to pay

Like kitchen floors, floors in general throughout the house are very important.

You have to think that this is one of the aspects that will leave a first impression. As soon as you enter you will be able to see them.

So if instead of giving feeling old makes you feel in a modern home full of life, which will go in your favor.

The tips are the same as in the kitchen. Purchase vinyl floors which mimic the materials you are interested in and post them.

Leave a first impression that they later want to share with their friends.

# 3 Lighting: play with light

The importance of lighting when renting your home

That must have happened to you. You’re in the store and you see a t-shirt in the color you love so buy it.

However, when you come home and try it, something is wrong. The color isn’t exactly the same, and the feeling you have with the shirt is different.

Lighting plays a key role in how people’s feelings are created.

If you consider that people are guided by emotions and feelings when shopping, you will realize that this is an aspect that must be worked on conscientiously.

After all, light will make your home look different.

My advice is use warm lights. These shades will give a feeling of home. Run from the cold.

# 4 Bathrooms: an intimate and valuable place

How to prepare your bathroom for renting your home for more money

Another room that must be taken care of conscientiously because customers really appreciate it.

Many people think that even this does not need to be given a unique touch because it is a place where the user will just take a shower and unload. They are wrong.

All the data we have points to that a good bathroom multiplies the amount of money a tenant is willing to pay for a property. So you have to get down to business.

For starters, make sure it is tiles the bathrooms are ugly or dilapidated. If so, you will need to use the polyurethane paint I have told you about several times. It is resistant to shocks and moisture.

You also have to work on the lighting. As I told you in the previous section, it will give you a lot of homey touch.

In addition, since the mirror will be one of the most commonly used resources throughout the home, if you place it nicely and usefully, you will also have a lot of livestock.

# 5 The walls tell many stories

The walls tell stories

The last key aspect to pay attention to are the walls.

If the room is small, your goal is to create the feeling that it is not that small. To do this, you can paint all the walls white and place mirrors in strategic areas.

You will give the room a very interesting touch.

If the room is bigger, you can play and give it a different style. Something that works really well is to change just the color of one wall. It gives it a unique touch.

With all these tips you have more than enough information to get renting for much more money.

Leave us in the comments what your doubts are, tell us what you think about this strategy and add any ideas we can add to the post.


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