In the bathroom, as in any other space, everything adds up. Some elements have more than others, and in this case the tiles and tiles chosen for a small bathroom have more strength than other elements.

It must be taken into account that they are the basis on which the aesthetics of the bathroom will be built. And if the base is wrong … Well, we already know what’s going on.

Therefore, if you want to expand your small bathroom or make it bigger, or optimize the space, you need to choose the perfect tiles for small bathrooms, build a good base on which you will later expand the bathroom, such as mirrors, hanging furniture or other elements that make the bathroom look more spacious.

Well, let’s see what the best tiles are for a small bathroom.

Tile color

Tiles for small bathrooms

Design and photography by Northern Estates Northernestates

Let’s start with color, always so important on any surface; And as for expanding the space, in this case the bathroom, even more.

As you can imagine, bright tones, both on the floor and on the walls, are the colors that work best in a small bathroom, as we can see in this bathroom with white tiles.

Bright colors reflect more light, making the bathroom brighter and visually larger.

This does not mean that a small bathroom cannot be covered with dark tiles, but here we are talking about tiles that make the bathroom look bigger and brighter, or tiles that will optimize the bathroom space, and dark ones will not optimize them.

But don’t be too happy, you don’t have to choose white tiles, if you don’t like them. There is an immense variety of tiles in gentle tones, such as earth tones, a large assortment, gray and broken white colors with which the bathroom can be made visually larger and brighter without giving up on colorful aesthetics if that is what you are looking for.

Tile size

Equal or more important than color is size. In this case, we are playing with extremes: either big or small.

Small bathroom with large format tiles and tiles

Large format tiles expand and give continuity to the space, and if they are in light tones much better.

In the bathroom above these lines with a simple and elegant table sink we can see large format tiles in earth tones covering the floor, making it visually more spacious.

Tiles for small bathrooms

Decorative project by Jagoda Nowakowska

Or small tiles that because of the number of them that have to be used to cover the wall deceive the eye, making the surface look bigger because of the large number of them, as we can see in this white bathroom with tiles in the subway. shine and with a beautiful vintage freestanding sink.

Although it is also true that these tiles fill more than larger formats.

Compared to more traditional medium-sized tiles, they do not contribute to anything beyond their function as coatings and decorations. To create effects, they do not serve us. They can be used equally, of course, but we will not achieve the same effect.

Even tile-type mosaic is more convenient and convenient than standard medium-sized tiles.

The tile at least creates the illusion that the spaces are bigger than they are, and since it is a mosaic, its decorative possibilities are retained only by our imagination, as we see in the bathroom just below.

Mosaic for small bathrooms

Design and photography Design Love Fest Instagram @designlovefest

Basically, these two factors, color and size, are crucial when choosing tiles for a small bathroom with which you want to optimize your space. Its placement on a wall, texture or joint is not affected as much, although, of course, they are essential.

If we want to further optimize the choice of tiles, the ideal ones would be those in a corrected format that will hide or make the joint invisible, large and in bright tones; since its continuous surface offers us incomparable visual continuity compared to other tile formats, as we can see in this Roca bathroom.

Bathroom with rectified tile by Roca

You may think after reading this article that you can’t add outstanding aesthetics to your bathroom.

But not so much less.

As I said before, any tile can be used to create the combination we want, but if we want to optimize the space, these characteristics are what we should look for in a tile that covers our bathroom.

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