Tile in the bathroom has always been a coating par excellence: waterproof, economical, durable and very versatile.

That will probably always be the case, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t other alternatives for covering and decorating bathroom walls.

From painting to wallpaper and passing through other materials such as wood or concrete, they are also used today cover the walls of the bathroom without tiles.

Join me and discover these ideas for cover the walls of the bathroom without tiles, without laying tiles, which I prepared.

Wood and paint

Unpaved bathroom covered with wood and paint

Factory HomeStaging studio project and photography

Two materials that combine to perfection and create suitable environments for any space, due to the immense variety of their finishes and possible combinations. Plastic paint is waterproof and today we can find a forest prepared against moisture, created especially for these environments.

Concrete and cement

Unfurnished bathrooms: cement and concrete

Design and photography by Jefta Offerman

Rough, with pockets, polished, painted … Concrete as a finish also has its own small selection of finishes from which we can choose different bathroom designs.

A porous and absorbent material that, surprisingly, has recently become very fashionable, just like cement, as we see above these lines.


Bathrooms without paving

Photographic stories from home Instagram @historiasdecasa

It has a finish similar to concrete, but microcement is a plaster from which a very thin layer is applied to the walls, creating a rough and industrial aesthetic, although we can also create minimalist bathrooms. It dries very quickly and is applied like any other mortar, but you have to be careful with it because it has such a thin layer, if the substrate on which it is applied is not solid it will probably break somewhere and in a short time we will have a few cracks on the surface.

Mortar and paint

Painted bathroom

Any cement mortar or even adhesive cement is used to cover and perform the bathroom walls. Then, after it dries, you can leave it as it is or apply a layer of plastic paint to get the paint and waterproofing.

Colored paper

Bathroom decorated with wallpaper

Bathroom design by Mayte Juberias

Wallpaper is also another material with a huge range of finishes that is widely used today for the design of tile-free bathrooms. Vinyls are the type of paper we need because they have a very thin layer of plastic on top of the paper itself, protecting it from moisture, stains, etc.

Wall frescoes

Tiled bathroom decorated with fresco

Wall painter Pixers

The wall frescoes are extremely decorative and do not increase in price much due to the transformative power they have. We can give the bathroom another dimension, making it visually bigger.

3D panels

Tileless bathroom decorated with 3D tiles

Atlas Concorde 3d board

Today we have at our disposal many types of tiles for cladding bathroom walls without tiles. Made of various imitations, sound and heat insulators, metal, wood, various plastics, even fabrics and linings. The range is huge, and the range of finishes they offer us is immense.


Tileless bathroom decorated with wood

Photo Shades of blue interiors

We can also use only wood. Either with wood in natural colors, or by painting in white, as we see in the bathroom above these lines, or in any other way that wood allows us, as well as the ability to leave it natural or paint it.

By color

Painted bathroom

This is usually a rarely used option because the bathroom is a place where there is water and moisture and the paint does not agree with that, but with proper precautions and plastic paint that is always waterproof, nothing should happen. Also, if we get tired of its color, we can apply another one for the weekend.


Bathrooms without tiles without paving

Whether in the form of imitation, with tiles or in another format, as well as from natural stone, the immeasurable number of stone models that exist, are also another option for covering bathrooms without tiles.


Unpaved bathroom with white painted brick

IKEA Photography

Another coating that we can use if we do not want to cover the bathroom with tiles is brick or their imitation. It is an original coating with several options, because it is available in a wide range of finishes, with which we can also paint it.

With wooden slats

Tileless bathroom lined with wooden slats

Noken project – Porcelanosa

Basically, this option for covering the walls of bathrooms without tiles is wood, we have seen it before, but here we can appreciate what we can achieve with it. This does not mean that we can only use ship floors or planks. Wood can be turned into a superior wall batten among many other formats we can imagine.

See: White and wooden bathroom

If appropriate measures are taken, almost all materials can be used to cover the walls of the bathroom. Of course, tile is still the best option, because, as I already said, it repels moisture, cleans well, does not stain, is durable and resistant, and at the same time it is cheap and has a huge number of finishes. Nevertheless, if you do not want tiles in your bathroom, as you can see, you have many options.

What do you think about these materials? Do you have any doubts or suggestions? I will be happy to read you and respond to you in the comments.


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