Finally! A favorite event for most cinephiles is at the door.

Oscar Gala It is an event that is followed from any corner of the planet, but you know that in Globaliza we are mostly interested in one fact: Houses!

So let’s take the opportunity to show you what the houses of some of this year’s nominees look like.

Do you want to know them? Keep reading.

Anthony Hopkins

The oldest actor nominated by the Academy showed us his house Malibu at the beginning of the year when he put it up for sale.

There is nothing less or less with that 380 m2 And although it was built in 1958, it has since undergone various expansions and renovations to include a guest house, swimming pool and adjoining cabin.

It is to this day five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a living room with a white fireplace.

Although he was released for 9.7 million euros, he eventually managed to sell it for a little less, 8.9 million euros. We don’t think she’s crying about it, do we?

Gary Oldman

Who would have told 16-year-old Gary Oldman, who dropped out of school for a sports show, that he would become one of the actors nominated for these Oscars?

And not only that, but he also has a esteemed house $ 2.9 million.

In this colonial style villa more than 965 square meters, Gary lives with his fourth wife.

The main house was built in 1922 three bedrooms and four bathrooms, while above the garage there is an additional bedroom and a bathroom that functions as a guest house.

Steven yeun

Steven Yeun, in addition to becoming the star of the film Walking Dead, is one of the Academy nominees this year.

And his house in Pasadena is truly amazing.

He acquired it in total $ 3.3 million and has 1,103 square feet living space.

In everything that has space three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Although this is the house he bought in 2020, he has a longer list of houses behind him than his serial zombies.

Viola Davis

The house of one of the nominees for Best Leading Actress, Viola Davis, will leave you mouth open from the first minute.

Not going any further, it was spent $ 5.7 million in it it is European style and has many luxuries worthy of a star like her.

The house has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a family room equipped with surround sound, a bar and a theater with a 133-inch screen.

But the most impressive thing is what it has showcase for wine only there awaits 600 different bottles, its pool is salt water, it has a fireplace and a complete outdoor kitchen with a drinking center.

Come on, luxury with all the letters.

What would be your ideal home?

Clearly, if we couldn’t dream, we wouldn’t be human, so let’s make it big.

Who hasn’t imagined walking through one of these villas?

Tell us what your ideal home would be like if you were nominated for an Oscar, that maybe one day the flute will sound.


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