The penguins suffer the consequences climate change.

Thawing, rising temperatures … are the circumstances that created them endangered animals.

It’s all our fault.

Fortunately, in addition to people looking the other way or who are not even aware of their situation, there are others who have taken action.

Iranian architect Sajjad Navid suggested an artificial habitat in the shape of an igloo with an underwater and floating part to protect them.

Want to know more about it?

Penguins are threatened with extinction: what are the causes?

Sajjad Navid's project devised a system to protect the habitat of the emperor penguin, severely affected by the melting of polar ice.  These igloo-shaped shelters will protect the eggs and the litter.

This is not a new concept.

The global warming causes damage on a daily basis and penguins they are one of the main victims.

Like other species that live in the coldest parts of the planet and that depends on ice, rising temperatures and thawing of water are serious threats.

Of all kinds, King penguin Antarctica is the one that is most endangered.

It is the largest species of penguin that exists, and changes in the temperature of the planet prevent it properly incubate their eggs.

According to most experts, King penguin could disappear inside less than 80 years.

Ecologist Stephanie Jenouvrier, quoted by the Daily Mail, notes: “If the global climate continues to warm at current speeds, we expect emperor penguins in Antarctica to experience a 86% drop by 2100.”

What kind of igloos want to save these penguins?

The system is divided into two parts: in the upper part a floating penguin protection needle and its inverted half, similar to a sea sponge, which cools the water.

The suggestion you made. Sajjad Navidi was invited Penguin protection system.

Today it is just a plan, but it is getting closer to becoming a reality.

It is innovative solution which works due to the fact that this needle is divided into two parts (surface and water) while the needle acts as an anti-thawing shell.

How does this needle work and how will it save the penguins?

The submerged half of the igloo is intended for separation and autonomous life under water in search of areas in need of cooling.

The key to these igloos is that they will artificially replace the natural habitat that is less and less present in Antarctica.

This way emperor penguins can continue incubate their eggs, without fear that the ice will melt and the chickens will not survive.

But as you can imagine, it is not just a protective measure, but a whole engineering work.

The submerged part of the English language acts like a sea ​​sponge associated with pendulum swinging.

When it is moved by ocean water, it generates electricity and cool the water to try to deal with the consequences of climate change.

When will the first penguin house be ready?

For now, it’s just a project. A concept that the architect hopes to put into operation soon.

However, there is no release date yet and every day counts to try to help the environment in this battle.

We live in an age where everything is more important to us let’s compromise with what is happening on the planet and to do everything possible to fight climate change.

You’ve seen it before.

A small act of selfishness here causes the deaths of thousands of penguins in another part of the world.

I’m sure that’s not the way you want to live.


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