Did you know that you surroundings can affect sleep quality?

Every aspect of our daily lives can intervene how do you rest at night, so it is important that take care of the environment bedrooms to ensure the best possible sleep.

At Globaliza we want to talk to you about some aspects of decorations that, if you change, your dream will appreciate.

Upgrade your decoration to improve the quality of your sleep

How are we going to do that? Look, we love each other focus on these aspects to accomplish this:

  • Use certain colors.
  • Focus on functional furniture.
  • The tree relaxes you.
  • Find the perfect pillow for yourself.
  • Good leaves help.
  • Nature is your ally.

Do we see him one by one?

Use these colors to promote the holiday

We have three colors that help you relax better.

Blues, green and ocher they are perfect for it. Moreover, there are studies that confirm that the brain retains the last colors it sees before going to bed.

So if you have very striking and energetic colors like red, bright yellow or even purple, it can affect your holiday.

For this reason, we recommend it if you can’t paint your walls these colors, add them to decoration around you: blankets, pillows, cushions … and so on.

How to fall asleep at home

Focus on functional furniture

Vid. The bedroom is for sleeping.

For this reason, what we recommend is that all the furniture that enters this room, take advantage of which you take advantage of.

Wardrobe, chest of drawers, armchair, lamp … all practical and comfortable.

Come on, when you’re in your bedroom, no more stuff.

And keep in mind that the more original the furniture, the more tiring you will be in the medium and long term, so choose durable designs that don’t get tired, which we’ll talk about next.

The power of white before bed

The wood is durable … and relaxes you

If you are looking for a material that will last longer than the old-fashioned Nokia, you should consider wood.

But be careful choose a solid tree that fits the task, because there are many pieces of furniture with wood that looks more like paper than wood.

This along with nice design And what you like means that you will have furniture in the bedroom that will not go out of fashion, which will give you a sense of security and calm.

So now you know, choose wood instead of other materials.

How a tree helps you relax

Find the perfect pillow for yourself

This may seem silly, but finding a pillow that suits your needs and taste It is important to conceive a deep and peaceful sleep.

What experts recommend is to get a pillow that has a thick and firm filling that allows you to sleep on your side with your neck aligned with your spine.

If pillows usually warm you up, avoid synthetic fillings and try spelled or millet grains.

The difference shows.

Do you want to sleep better?  Choose this type of bed

Good leaves help

And if the pillow was crucial to working on your sleep … which is why you don’t think it’s the case sheets and duvets?

We recommend this for a start how much The fewer layers you need to sleep, the better. Feeling light at night will help you rest more peacefully.

So use a blanket that is responsible for the winter that gives you the warmth you need so you never have to resort to piles of blankets again.

But other than that, it is said that cotton is an ideal fabric for sheets and covers thanks to touch and sweating.

Although the cotton issue didn’t convince you, the second option is to use lyocell, silk fiber obtained from wood.

It seems embarrassing, we know that, but we promise it’s very comforting.

An important decoration before bed

Nature is your ally

Take off the mountain goat! And all the animals that inhabit the earth have that undoubted connection with nature.

Some will like it more and others less, but that is the law of life.

Well there are small plants in your bedroom, whether with vases and flowers or green branches, it will help reduce anxiety levels.

But if you love too aromatic, we recommend that you use lavender to go to bed relaxed and moody through the roof.

Let nature become your sleeping ally

Now that you have seen that every detail of your environment counts on your relationship with sleep, what do you plan to do to improve your bedroom?

We look forward to yours comments so you can tell us which of these ideas is the one that convinces you the most and the one you will apply in practice yes or yes.

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