Integrating an office at home is more a matter of imagination than a real lack of space in many cases, because today we have solutions such as shelves, shelves, shelves, boards and tables at a very economical price, which offer us such versatility that it can be installed in any space , making room for a small office practically anywhere.

These 40 ideas for home office integration that we will see below confirm my premise and can, I hope, give you a new perspective in the vision of your home and find space to, at least, integrate a small office into the peace of your home.

Although if you have free space and don’t care about space, we’ll see some ideas as well.

In this regard, let’s start with this bunch of ideas for home office integration, large or small.

Home office in the corner

Chris Love Julia Photo Instagram @chrislovejulia | Seen in Create and Barrel

A simple and practical desk, which barely takes up space and offers us everything we need to work from home in our own office, and which we can place in any empty corner we have.

Small modern home office

Photography I Heart Organizing

Wardrobe turned into a small modern desk. Do you have free or free media?

Small modern home office

Photo of Lemonade Makin Mama

A work or narrow table is unlikely to take up space and we can safely place it somewhere in our house. Even in the hallway if the width allows it.

Small modern home office

Home Heart Harmony Photo

It is not an office, but a post office, notes and so on, located in the hallway. But the idea helps us integrate our office, doesn’t it?

For this purpose, we can use a narrow console that does not take up much space.

Office space made of IKEA shelves

It’s not a real table, but the idea suits us. Some UNSUFFICIENT shelves from IKEA and a small chair, also from IKEA, have a table in minimal space.

Move on.

Small modern home office

Yes, this space is a bit bigger, but the whole office is hard to take up and could be accommodated in another smaller space. When you are short of space, you need to find the right furniture. Functional furniture that is lightweight.

Small and modern integrated office

Photo: Happy Housie

Again we see how to turn a closet into an office at home. Are you sure you don’t have anything you could empty?

Home office in vintage style

Vintage PhotographyInteriorXX

Choose light furniture that does not have much volume and does not take up space. They are equally comfortable, but fit anywhere and fit perfectly into any corner.

If it seems to you … Treasure, to put it in a way, decorate the space around you and you will see what changes. Does the upstairs table seem dull to you? Well that.

Work table behind the sofa to use the space

IKEA Photography

Behind the sofa is another great idea to set up an office at home. The truth is that this is not always possible due to the location of the couch, as it is almost always attached to the wall.

But in cases when it is not, decorating the back of the sofa sometimes becomes a small problem because you do not know what to put.

In this case, a desk to create a home office seems like a great idea.

Cute table in the bedroom

Nice Home Barcelona project

In addition to the bed, if it is coquettish and has proportions and appropriate measures, we can also set up a desk, as the Nice Home Barcelona studio did in this space. To lighten the visual weight of the office, a chair with a transparent seat that is visually lighter.

A corner that serves as a home office

Seen on Pinterest

A white table hung in the corner and one metal leg to help bear the weight. A desk that you can add to any corner you have empty to create your home office without wasting practical space.

An interesting idea that we will explore further below.

Home office made of hanging wooden pallets

EIN MAMËLL Custom project

In order to take advantage of the distinctive architecture of this space, a custom floating table with wooden pallets was created to optimize the space. When suspended, it is much lighter both physically and visually. Sure, there’s not that much storage space, but for small spaces it comes in handy, like this one below.

Corner table for setting up a home office in minimal space

Found at Limbo Market

Hanging and for every empty corner turn it into a home office, which you can buy here. Although if you’re looking for another model … Okay, let’s call it something, the following might interest you.

Hanging desk for home office

Found on Etsy

With two fine cables, it is attached and wall-mounted to offer a solid structure that serves as a desk to create an office in any corner of the house. You can buy this model here.

Escritorio rinconero from Maisons du Monde

Escritorio of world houses

If you prefer legs and some drawers because they are too small for you, the one we see above these rows of Maisons du Monde for the corner may interest you. You can buy it here.

Hanging desk in industrial style for a modern home office

Found on Etsy

Rustically and industrially cut, but despite its great visual weight, this hanging table takes up almost no space.

Hanging wooden table

If you prefer something more stylized, this second model might interest you. You can buy it here.

Hanging wooden table with two drawers

Even the same company has stylized invoices and hanging tables with drawers. You can buy it here.

EKBY ALEX desk from IKEA

Although if you want, much closer to your home, to have IKEA nearby where you live, you can buy an EKBY ALEX model desk or hanging drawer if you are interested in this option of setting up an office at home.

The closet turned into a home office

I Heart Organizing Project

Again the idea of ​​a closet, where we can make another small but practical and elegant office.

Wardrobe turned into a home office

Design project by Elizabeth Joan

You can even use the front door leading to the closet to install pockets and make good use of the little space you have.

Wardrobe turned into an office

Even when the closet is completely empty, with the addition of a simple shelf and a detachable chair, you can have your own home office.

Folding table

This Murphy bed or folding bed is sold in some places, such as here. It is mounted on the wall without taking up space and can be easily disassembled as needed. This was not purchased, but they succeeded in Shanty 2 Chic.

Hanging desk with drawers

Desktop found on Etsy

Take a good look around your house. Do you have a free part of the wall? You can set up your office there. As you can see, all you need is a hanging table, like the one we see above these rows, which you can buy here, or stools.

The idea of ​​integrating a small office at home

Honeycomb Home Project

If just an envelope for your desktop is too small, which is likely to happen if you work from home, place shelves on the wall that don’t take up space and expand your desk.

Norberg desk from IKEA as a home office

This is a Norberg table from IKEA. It was originally designed for the kitchen, but as you can see, it can be used to place a table on any wall. See what you think.

Office in minimal space in the room

Photo by FargeBarn

Take advantage of the gaps that are usually left between furniture and a wall and install a hanging table or shelf and you can have a small office.

Office in the living room thanks to the wire shelf

Photo Pa

If there is no space in width or length, you will need to use height. The shelf with wires, a true Nordic classic, is a modular system of shelves that are built into the wall and provide you with all the necessary space. You can buy them here.

And the corner became an office

House Domestic project and photography

In the living room is a table with a ladder, like the one we saw at the beginning, creating space for an office or office.

If you liked this table and want it for your home, you can buy it by clicking here.

Integrate your home office with space

Relaxing blue-and-white home office

Photo by Just Girl and her blog

In shades of blue and white to create a relaxing and productive atmosphere. Set up your home office with a corner desk and make the most of the space

Corner tables allow us to make better use of space. You have them in a large format like this, or much more subtle, like the ones we saw above.

Expand your work area with modules on your desk

Photo: Loved by Sheila

In addition to the corner table, you can also get supports that expand the workspace, such as the Micke expansion module we see above these IKEA lines.

It is installed above the work surface and offers us storage space without consuming meters. Everything on the wall.

Charming women's home office

Project and photo Love Charmaine Instagram Charmaine Dulak

Of course, if you have a free room, you can turn it into your office. The one we see above is feminine, in addition to the necessary table located in the center of the room, it also has a seating area to relax.

Charming home office with style

Photo and project 204 Park Instagram @ 204park

If you are going to integrate an office into a space like a living room or bedroom, you can use a piece of furniture like the one we see above these lines, with a light and modern cut that, in addition to giving you an office, adds decoration.

Home office in white and gold

Photo Diary Fashionistas Instagram Lauren Ashley Patao

All in white with gold details. It’s not about integrating the office into any part of the house without more, but about decorating it so it doesn’t conflict with the rest of the space.

Bet on light furniture to set up a home office

Photography and project by Vanessa Valderrama

White metal wardrobe, light structure so as not to overload the space and tastefully decorated to fit it into the decoration of the living room.

Use the staircase to set up a home office

This project and a photo of this little house of ours

Do you have stairs? Do you have free space? Well, you can create your office there.

Metal pipe table

Photography and project House by Hoff

Although this is not an article for making tables, but for integrating it into the home, this idea seemed so good that I had to add it. Metal pipes and a wooden plank plus four wheels, are what they used to make in the House by Hoff.

Here you can see more ideas for making tables, if you are interested.

And the closet became an office

Blog Project House of Rose

The closet from which the door was removed and completely emptied, which gives valuable space for setting up a built-in office that has no holes in the room.

Office in the living room

Photo: The DIY Playbook Instagram Casey Finn

Coquettish, simple and beautiful. In keeping with the style of the house. It doesn’t clash, but it adds decoration to the space.

As I said at the beginning, it is not about space, but about imagination, because as you have seen, today you have everything to set up a home office in the smallest void. It’s not ideal, but when there’s no more, we need to make the most of what we have.

If you wanted more, you can see others here 10 ideas for integrating a desktop at home.


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