Are you one of those who often wonder how the most famous people in our country spend their vacations?

You do not have to answer: we are working.

That is why we asked our most reliable contacts to tell us what some of the summer houses of the most prominent actors and personalities of our country are like.

Do you want to know them?

PS: Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that you stopped by here. That will be our secret!

Ana Duato: what an eternal Mercedes looks like Tell me how it happened??

Vacation of Ana Duato

In recent years for Ana Duato they were not easy. Especially at the economic level.

If you haven’t lived in a cave in the last few years, you probably know that he had a lot of problems with the treasury.

This is Ana Duato's holiday home

However, it still keeps one of its jewels on real estate in a safe place: a house in Ibiza of more than 120 square meters located in one of the most exclusive areas: Ses Salines.

Carmen Lomana: in love with Marbella

Carmen Loman's house in Marbella

The life of an entrepreneur is very stressful.

That’s why Carmen Lomana from time to time tries to escape from her busy Madrid to rest in her beloved Marbella.

How does Carmen Lomana spend her vacation?

There he relaxes in the natural paradise from which he sees Sierra Blanca Mountains.

He says there is nothing to make him regain more energy than the morning session from this place.

Pepe Navarro: Ibiza has a special color

Pepe Navarro's escape to Ibiza

Pepe Navarro is very clear where to escape as soon as he has the chance: Ibiza.

There it has a great place made of stone and postmodern style, enjoying the sea breeze.

How did Pepe Navarro spend his summer?

It has more than 512 square meters built, it is modular and of different heights.

By the way, what you see in the picture is the nature reserve Camí del Coll des Ventes.

Alba Carillo: a return to the village of life

Did you know Alba Carillo Have you ever bought a house in your city?

There is no better place to disconnect than that.

Of course, this is not just any house, but one that is prepared in great detail for a complete life.

Also with rooms prepared to receive all possible guests.

Risto Mejide: to be critical, you have to rest

Risto Mejide is on vacation in Spain.

Among all the destinations that exist for holidays, he always chooses Menorca.

With a house with a generous porch overlooking the sea, it is no wonder that the island has conquered the Catalans.

Accompanied by his family, he did not waste time, and he also used his free days for sailing.

Where would you go on vacation if you could choose one of these destinations? What is the corner that you loved most about losing yourself?

Let us know in the comments!


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