Has it ever occurred to you that when you start painting a wall that has already been painted, you tear off the old and new paint with a roller? If this has happened to you, there is a very simple, inexpensive and effective way to solve it, I will explain how and with what. There is a water-based product, which is cheap and has high performance, it is called a emulsion for fixing or what becomes the same, a water-based fixative.

firming emulsion

It is usually sold in 4L, 12L and 0.75L formats. But when we go to buy it we must keep in mind that for every liter of fixative you use you have to mix it with 3 or 4 liters of water, so that in a 4-liter pot prepare 16 liters of product to paint would come out.

It is applied with a normal wool roller, and after using the roller, it is easily washed with water. Before applying the product, it is advisable to paper everything, because it strongly drips and splashes.

The method of application is normal, you don’t have to stretch the paint a lot or give it a lot of knees, just soak the entire damaged surface well.

Once the fastener is dry, paint calmly so that the paint no longer rises.

Usually one hand is fine, but if the wall is in very bad condition and you want to make sure of it, apply it in two coats and let it dry between hand and hand, it doesn’t last long, you should give it an hour from the other hand.

The product is transparent, so if we go to another wall that we don’t want to hit and accidentally spray it or hit it with a roller, don’t worry, like I said before, it’s a transparent water-based product. Maybe it shows a little more shine in the place where you stained or nothing is noticed, if you want to remove it with a damp cloth and as long as the wall is painted with plastic paint, it is easily removed.

Note: The mistake many people make is to paint with plastic paint without adding water, thinking that if they don’t carry water they will look better or that by adding water the paint loses its properties. When the color becomes too thick, we are much more likely to take or take off the one that has already been painted.

You have to add water to the plastic paint, it needs to be painted well, and for its proper processing in the first layer, we will add up to 30% water for the amount of paint that exists.

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