Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days in Middle-earth to feel like a hobbit?

Especially for part of the meal a day.

The Lord of the Rings film tourism has been around for years to visit some of the areas where the films were made.

However, we are sorry to tell you that sometimes it stays that way a little short and that you can miss some amazing places without knowing other areas.

So, today we will bring you seven locations from the movie «The Lord of the Rings» that would make the journey to Middle-earth much deeper.


This place is a must for all fans of the Tolkien saga. If you want it immersive experience, we are glad to tell you that you can visit The Hobbiton.

It is located in the rural village of Matamata, and its green colors are as natural as hobbit feet.

But the most striking thing about this place is that the decorations are preserved used for hobbit houses.

It is perfectly decorated and prepared for fun Bilbo’s birthday.

Of course, keep in mind that this is a set, so you will not be able to enter the interior of the house to enjoy the experience.

Lord of the Rings

Kawarau River

Northeast of Otaga is a river that was once located Argonah, colossal statues located on the sides of the Anduin River in Tolkien’s world.

While it’s a place that’s hard to get to, at least to enjoy the perspective of the film, it’s possible to watch it from above thanks to the road and the bridge that runs right through the hole chosen for the statues.

It loses a little color attractive, but still equally impressive – especially in the fall.

Middle-earth scenarios
The Lord of the Rings is recorded here

Pináculos Putangirua

New Zealand is the country where you suddenly find this wonder of nature.

If you told us it was stone needles may be on another planet, we would believe.

Maybe that’s why this place was chosen for living Holy Valley towards the paths of the dead.

Through these places Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli marched straight to meet the army of the dead.

An amazing place to take a few movie photos.

Do you remember this scene from The Lord of the Rings?

Tongariro National Park

Okay, maybe because of the photo we’re going to show you, watching this location in movies doesn’t sound like anything to you.

And you have to see what the magic of cinema is: a bit of animation and digital retouching and we have it Mount Destiny.

Come on, getting to Sauron has never been easier than it is now. Although we have the advantage of airplanes.

Do you think that would make it easier for him?

The Lord of the Rings is recorded in this scenario


And if you had a hard time seeing Mount Destino, you’ll have to close your eyes a lot here to see where we are.

And that is that in Glenorchy, near Queenstown, in this place that seems to have nothing to do with Middle-earth, there was a certain place to stay Isengard Fortress.

We know, we don’t know how we could move from this to what it was in the end.

We hope that all the producers were very well paid for this great job.

The vast plains of the middle country

Canterbury Plains

Do you know the scene you see when you look down on a plane? That’s how spectacular it is all the time Canterbury Plains.

And they had to be part of Middle-earth in some way.

These attitudes are chosen to be Endoras Pass in movies.

But be careful! Because it’s amazing coming now.

After using the digital edition so much, they decided to create a a this time set to the actual scale and do not use any digital images.

Incredibly true?

Does this place sound familiar to you?

Skipper Canyon

Imagine you have 22 kilometers conjure up a flood and drown Nazgul.

Arwen didn’t have to do that in a Ford of Bruinen.

And you can become her, or at least feel just as powerful, in the gorge of Skippers Canyon, north of Queenstown.

A heavenly place not only to feel Middle-earth within yourself, but also to take advantage of it and do so a good picnic surrounded by nature.

Middle country canyons

Which of these actual locations from «The Lord of the Rings» that was your favorite?

Did you miss any on this list?

Leave it in the comments to take this into account in future and possible trips to Middle-earth.

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