Looking for an energetic, vibrant and fresh color to paint and decorate? Pistachio green is your color.

In order to work well in decoration, it must be properly combined with the right colors.

That’s why I prepared this list with colors that match green pistachio, so you can combine it without any problems.

They all work well, either on the walls or in the decoration. You choose. Shall we start?

White and pistachio

Living room that combines green and white walls of pistachio

White: It can’t be otherwise. White goes well with all colors, and of course with green pistachios it does, and very well.

The decor based on green and white pistachios is invigorating and fresh. The contrast that is created between these two colors makes them improve with each other.

Therefore, if you are looking for a refreshing, modern and revitalizing decoration, bet on a combination of green pistachio and bright white.

Let’s continue, there are many other colors that combine with green pistachio over white.

Eggplant and pistachio

A bedroom that combines the color of pistachios and eggplant on the walls

Eggplant: An eggplant tone, dark purple in color, like the one we see in the bedroom above these lines, can also be used to combine with green pistachios on the walls or in decorative accessories.

As you can imagine, the two colors are very powerful, so the combination is risky.

They work very well together, but the combination is aggressive, so it is appropriate to add a neutral between the two tones, such as white, gray or light tones of wood, as we see in the bedroom.

Had it not been for the target acting as a mediator, the space would have been very crowded.

If you love purple and want to combine it with green pistachio, You can opt for less strong purple and in lower doses, as we see below.

Purple and pistachio

Living room painted with pistachio and purple combined on the walls

Purple. One of the best colors to combine pistachios is purple.

In fact, if you look only at the fruit, it has purple parts. It is an organic combination of colors.

Regardless of that, it is better to combine one of the two in decoration in small doses, such as pillows, decorative accessories, a little textile, etc.

Let’s leave purple, let’s go see another color.

Black and pistachio

A bedroom that combines green and black pistachios on the walls

Black: Obviously. Another neutral color that combines with all colors, like white. So, if you like this combination, you can use it.

Also obviously, do it carefully, since black is the darkest color that exists and can take away light and loading space.

If you think muted color is combined with pistachio, maybe the next color is to your liking.

Pink and pistachio

Rosa: A very attractive color to combine with pistachio on walls or decorations, as we see on these beautiful facades, where various colors are combined with green pistachio in the open.

Although it is indoors, as with purple and many other colors, it is better to combine one of these two colors in small accents, so as not to overload.

Decoration dew and pistachios are fine if measured, but if not, they would be extravagant and common. So in small accents better.

Blue and pistachio

Pistachio color combined with blue on the walls and doors

Pixinio Photography

blue: And green and blue these are two cool and relaxing shades found in the cool part of the color wheel; Moreover, they are analogous to each other. That is, they are next to each other in a circle.

What does all this half of technicality tell us? True, they can be combined very well.

If you opt for this combination, add a little warm color or material, because as you just read, they are cool colors, and if there is nothing warm in the space we decorate with them, we risk creating a too cool environment.

Wood, plant fibers, earth tones … It can help you take away the cold.

Gray and pistachio

Pistachio green paper combined with gray and white

Leroy Merlin wallpaper

Gray: The last of the true neutral colors, after seeing the black and white, combines perfectly with all the colors, and to make it different, with the pistachio green.

He Gray In all shades, whether soft or dark gray, you can combine it without any problems. And we go to another color.

Creams and pistachios

Bedroom made of green pistachio and cream tones

Creams: Cream tones, off-white, ivory, beige and the like, for me are the best colors to combine with green pistachio. Why?

Because they reduce and soften the power of pistachios and add the missing heat to the green color, except that it does not diminish it, as it has very little saturation.

Yellow and pistachio

A kitchen that combines pistachio and yellow colors

Photo Apartment therapy

Yellow: In the upstairs kitchen we see how the yellow walls combine perfectly with the green acid of pistachios, which is used in utensils, furniture and others.

The resulting combination is a brighter space, because these colors are, as well as cheerful and lively kitchen.

Here you can see more colors that combine with yellow, and if you are interested in knowing the colors to paint dark spaces, you need to see these light colors.

Brown and earth tones are also combined with green pistachio

A bedroom that combines pistachio and brown

Earth tones: Remember I just told you that very gentle creamy tones are best suited to combine with pistachio? Well earth tones for the same reasons:

  • They soften the power of pistachios
  • They do not saturate the space
  • Add the missing heat to the green

Even darker earth tones like strong browns, as we see in the bedroom above these lines, work wonders.

Of course, reddish tones like terracotta color no.

We see colors that match the green pistachio, but one of the colors that does NOT match, or to make it fatal, it’s red.

Therefore, apart from roses, do not combine reddish tones with pistachios. At least I don’t recommend it.

You have many other colors for this, like the following, for example.

Orange and pistachio green

A kitchen that combines pistachio and orange on the walls

Orange: Orange can be combined with pistachios, and like most of the ones we’ve already seen, it works better in small doses as well.

These are two very aggressive colors, can you imagine putting it on Orange and pistachios together in large doses?


Pistachio green and green background

Leroy Merlin wallpaper

Other shades of green: Naturally, like all other colors, pistachios combine with other shades of green.

This is what is called a monochrome palette because it is based on one color, with different shades, values ​​and so on, but on one color.

You can see it here 12 colors that match green.

Let’s go to another color. Or material.

Wood and pistachio green

A bedroom that combines green pistachio and wood

Wood: If earth tones and browns work well with green pistachios, the same goes for wood.

So if you’re wondering if pistachios will suit your wood floors, furniture, or any other wood element you have, the answer is yes, with any shade of wood.

We just saw 12 colors that go great with pistachios, but, as I always tell you, if you like another color that is not on this list and if you doubt whether to combine it with green pistachio or not, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer.

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