Many times you have wondered which brand of paint is better when buying paint, so we made a small list to think about 6 highest quality paint brands.


It should also be noted that we will not all agree on favorite or best brands, but if you have asked any professional painter to tell you 6 brands of the best colors would surely have one of these names appear among those 6:

Titan, Bruguer, Junona, Duraval, Valentine and Procolor.

Say that too These brands have lower color quality and that all color brands like, He rode, Hempel, Snow, etc., have, in their range, very high quality images. For example, Montó has a plastic painting of Ovaldine, which is a great painting, and now they have released Ovaldine Crem, which is even better.

Conclusion: If you want quality paint, instead of looking for a brand of paint, ask yourself how much you are willing to spend.

Imagine going to a bruguer store and telling them you want a very cheap plastic paint, they will obviously give you a cheap one, but even if it is from a bruguer brand, it will be relatively bad. Likewise, if you go to Montó and tell him, give me a good plastic paint, he will give you a good but expensive one. As it is, yesIf you want good color, you have to spend more money than looking at brands.


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