The terraces without grass They are an increasingly sought-after alternative, as they require virtually no maintenance, while a grass terrace, in order to look beautiful, needs constant care; in addition to terraces without grass, less beetleespecially mosquitoes, which torment us in summer.

That said, for those who we don’t like grass in the yard, we have other materials, other alternatives for covering the floor of the terrace, and we will explore these alternatives right now.

Lawn without lawn with mosaic tiles on the floor

Photo by Emily Henderson

Tiled terraces. See what a beauty it is yard without blades of grass. There is no need to resort to classic brown terracotta tiles. Luckily we have a large range of tiles to cover the patio floor; of old tiles, with absolute charm as we see in the picture above these lines or modern cut tiles.

Grassless terrace with traditional clay tiles

Photo thousands of decoration ideas

Although it is a good option if you want to resort to a classic clay tile. When something for something becomes classic, it is.

This type of tile will give you a more manual, traditional, Mediterranean touch.

Here you can see how to clean clay tiles.

Grassless terrace with natural tiles and rugs

Photo Sofa mess

Terrace with natural stone and gravel. Another alternative to lawn terraces is the one we see above this section. Flat natural stones on a layer of gravine. Installation is quick and easy, and maintenance is minimal. With the daily hose we will have the terrace always ready. This type of floor is great for casual environments and styles like bohemian, for example, like the one we see just below these lines.

Grassless terrace with stone flakes on the ground

Photo Design Love Fest

With lush vegetation and wicker furniture, this beautiful terrace that falls in love greets us without grass on the ground.

Lawn without lawn with a mosaic of hydraulic tiles

Photo by Zevy Joy

Hydraulic plate terrace. It is the same material as the first terrace, but the design is not. It is a pattern that, depending on the type of tile we use on the terrace, will achieve one or the other environment. By the way, hydraulic pads are in vogue today.

Grassless terrace with exterior decking

Photo My Scandinavian home

Terrace with wooden floor. A tree is another option to replace your garden grass. In addition, due to the great versatility, it is the same as with the tiles, we have hundreds of designs for installation on the terrace floor. Let’s look at more terraces with different forests.

Grassless terrace with carpet and rug

Nice wooden staircase in the yard built of wood.

Terrace that is not made of grass and has wooden pallets

We can also, of course, for wooden floors use wooden pallets. To completely cover it or make an original design that combines other materials as we see in this picture above these lines. Take a look at the ideas that need to be done garden furniture with wooden pallets.

Grassless terrace without planks

With wooden boards we can put them with a separation so that some grass grows between them. We can also put engravings between the holes with which we want to eliminate the grass on the terrace floor. Gravel will not eliminate the grass, we must first kill it with some product, because if we do not do that, it will grow again between the gravel.

Grassless terrace with exterior tiles

Photo thousands of decorating ideas

With traditional exterior tiles. Exterior ceramic tiles or tiles are one of the best coatings due to their inherent qualities, such as roughness which must be non-slip, do not fade easily and are very resistant.

Yard without grass with gravel or gravel on the ground

Photo City Farmhouse

Gravel or pebble terraces. Gravel and gravel are almost the same, but one differs from the other in the size of the stones. Gravine consists of stones smaller than gravel. That being said, you choose. To go barefoot, better gravel consisting of smoother and more rounded stones, and the gravel is hammered into the soles

Grassless terrace with polished concrete

Photo of Simply Grove

Terrace with concrete floor. Concrete is another resource that we can use for terrace floors. Durable, durable and without any maintenance. Also, we can broadcast it ourselves without the help of a professional. We will need a “helicopter” to polish it. A blade grinding machine that, when the concrete dries, leaks so that the blades polish the surface. It is advisable to have some basic concepts and some knowledge, but not much. This type of grinder is rented daily in some do-it-yourself stores.

Grassless terrace with polished concrete

Photo House in the hills

It may take a little more work, but if we don’t like grass, concrete is a good alternative because it requires neither short nor long maintenance, and once laid and dried, it is lifelong.

Grassless yard with trampled dirt

The photo almost makes it perfect

Sand terrace. Natural sand is another material we can use for a paved yard. To make it compact, we lay it down once, moisten it and pass it to a straightening machine or a “frog”, so it will be compact, smooth and hard.

Grassless terrace with traditional mud bricks

Photo A thousand ideas for decoration

With traditional mud brick. In this case, the brick was laid evenly, but there are many other installations for assembling different mosaics.

Terrace without natural grass, but artificial

Photo thousands of decorating ideas

With artificial grass. Yes, I know I said these are grassless backyards, but if you don’t like grass for maintenance, artificial grass is a great alternative.

Quality has a good touch, lasts about 8 or 10 years in good condition, be careful with quality, and apart from maintenance there is no maintenance, as we would do with any other material covering the floor.

Grassless terrace with lattice bricks

Lattice floor terraces. Lattice gratings or bricks used for this can also be arranged on the terrace floor. Leaving separation between them or not, as we see.

Grassless terrace with stone mosaic and mud brick

Photo 5. and state

Terraces with burnt mud bricks. Of course, I could not ignore this other material. It is one of my favorites, especially old terracotta bricks.

If you wanted more, here you can see ideas for decorating terraces.


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