Although it is black color It is not a color in itself, because it is part of the so-called achromatic colors (white, gray and black), which lack any chromatic tonality, we treat it as if it were a different color, both for fashion and art, where Of course, it is included discipline of interior design and decoration.

And, as it is, one of the most sought after colors in interiors and decoration, Any for painting the walls, ebonizing wood, dyeing textiles or designing objects, could be considered one of the most important colors.

So, today it’s time for black, to be known the colors that suit him best.

Well, even if it’s a color that combines with everything else because it’s achromatic, as we’ll see, there are some colors that fit better.

That said, let’s get to know each other 10 colors that best combine with black in the walls and decoration.

Black and white

Living room that combines black walls with white

Photo by @the_house_that_jen_built

We all know well the good couple that creates always bright and pure white with elegant black. Spaces decorated with these two colors always have an elegant and sophisticated shade.

advice: When using black and white, it is advisable to add a third medium color, to make the transition between the two main colors smoother, and the best color for this is gray.

Gray and black

Living room that combines black on the walls and gray on the sofa

As with white, gray is another color that is in some ways part of black itself, as both have no saturation.

Therefore, the combination of these two colors will always be successful.

Of course, you have to be careful in its application, because we risk creating environments that are too dark or poor, because they lack any color tone.

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Yellow and black

A bedroom that combines black on the walls and yellow on the headboard

Wonderful design and photography

Nature is wise and has already supplied us with some insects like bees or wasps yellow and black combine with complete certainty And maybe that’s why we’re so used to these few united colors, that they also fit with each other, in any environment, from a classic elegant living room to a modern bedroom, going through the graceful decoration of any corner.

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Orange and black

Colors with black: orange

Other the color that combines fantastically with black is orange, as we already know, thanks to the traditional Halloween party.

The combination of these two colors offers an instant and dynamic environment and is a good pair to use in youth bedrooms, yes, always in moderation and with style, because we must not forget that we are dealing with two very powerful colors that must be combined properly, as we see below .

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Red and black

Living room that combines black walls with red

If orange combines well with black, red in this case would not be less because red and orange are very similar.

These are the colors that are in the hot part of the chromatic circle, orange is born from red and yellow, and both, red and orange, are very vital and energetic colors.

So that, red is another of the best colors to combine with black.

The brighter the red, the more suitable the mixture with black is for young environments.

Although red is darker, like English, for example, the mix is ​​more suitable for more adult space.

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Gold and black

A bedroom that combines black on the walls with gold accents

Gold is a color that ranges between yellow, orange and ocher, but with a strong saturation and a glossy finish.

These characteristics are what make it one of colors that best match black, creating environments, mostly sumptuous and elegant.

Purple and black

A kitchen that combines black and purple

The spaces decorated in black and purple originate from modern decoration, with touches of sophistication.

This pair of colors is suitable for achieving modern environments, but at the same time elegant and classic. It’s a very versatile duo.

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Blue and black

A bedroom that combines black and navy blue on the walls

Blue is a color that combines very well with many other colors, as we have already seen, and goes well with black in all its shades.

From navy blue, creating sophisticated spaces, to pastel tones, making a good blend for more children’s spaces, like the most exotic shades of blue, like turquoise or aquamarine, where the contrast between the two colors is more obvious.

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Pink and black

A bedroom that combines black and pink walls in textiles

Photo by @Kristingronas

It may not look like that, but pink is one of the most fashionable colors out there.

We may associate it too much with feminine and childish, but without a doubt, pink is a very sophisticated color.

That said, and considering that black is the most elegant color that exists, that is normal black and pink combine perfectly in decoration, Any for Paint the walls as well as to combine them in additions and additions, and in gentle or sandy shades of pink and in bright tones like fuchsia.

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Brown and black

A dining room that combines black in the walls and ceiling and brown in the furniture

Photo @ Interior design every day de Interior design every day

Brown is a color that belongs to neutral or neutral tones, which is why it matches very well with achromatic colors, such as white, gray or black in this case.

Obviously these are the two very dark colors we need combine properly, in the right doses, such as with the color of the furniture when it is made of wood, providing a sufficient amount of brown.

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Obviously, black combines with all the other colors, but these 10 colors match it best.

If you want combine black in decoration or to paint the walls with other colors and if you have any questions or suggestions, I will be happy to answer you in the comments.


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