Have you ever wondered what Magi’s house?

Now that our gifts have been left under the tree, they will return home until they have to go again next year.

Of course, I hope that by then we will be able to honor them as they deserve Mage’s cavalry how much we like them.

At least I missed them a lot this year. By the way, on the Day of the Three Kings last year, we bring you the story of the most controversial parade in Spain.

That post remains regular.

If you want to find out what the house of Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar, tjust keep reading.

PS: Also, I invite you to leave us in the comments how you envision it, and then check if it fits our official sources.

How do we in Globaliza know what Magi’s house is like?

wise people

While we would love to tell you that they found it on our real estate portal, the reality is that we would be lying to you.

We’re just helping here Santa Claus to find him the perfect summer home in Murcia. Clearly, the cold of the North Pole keeps him young, but the heat doesn’t hurt.

Too bad I couldn’t come last summer enjoy the mediterranean Therefore, we are a risk group with coronavirus.

Let’s get back to the mess.

A few years ago we accidentally found it a very old notebook which revealed the most magical information in the history of all mankind.

The date marked 1901 and revealed a secret pact that stunned us when we read it.

A place full of gifts will be born,

the magical House of Mages.

This story begins on the day when the Magi drank hot tea in one of the luxurious rooms that King Balthazar owned in his palace.

The notebook said they had never stopped being together since 2000 years ago Shooting star seal your destiny forever.

As these newspapers reflected, the animated ones chatted telling anecdotes about that important journey they had so long ago spent with the joy that grandparents have when they tell you about their own battles.

And there the sheets began to be too worn out to continue reading … except for the last one.

In him, like any other person, King Balthazar left a note from the address in case he ever lost the notebook.

That he is a king and a wizard, but that does not mean that he is completely infallible.

I remember it like it was yesterday and I think magic has a lot to do with it.

We gathered a small expedition and asked permission from our superiors to embark on the most spectacular adventure of our entire lives.

We took a plane. We boarded the ship. We crossed more than one desert on a camel … and knocked on King Balthazar’s door.

He let us in as a token of gratitude and revealed what no man had seen before.

We signed a pact with King Balthasar

This is Magi's house

As you can imagine, the home of King Balthazar left us an eye.

It was full of magic, just as we had imagined. It was a picture of spitting that children have in mind when they can’t fall asleep on January 5th.

Her Majesty told us that we could tell anyone with a child’s soul about their rooms, but that we should never reveal their place.

And we do.

This post has been prepared so that only those who still believe in magic I can read his words.

If you’ve gotten that far, it means you still have that childhood voice and that’s what allows you to be so happy.

By the way, a few hours ago King Baltasar sent us a new message to tell us that now more than ever we need to keep what makes us excited.

He knows that 2020 has been very complicated and he hopes that with the gifts he left us under the tree we will have a new reason to smile.

He succeeded with me.

What is Magi’s house like?

How do you envision the home of Magic?

I have to warn you of something.

Although the description of the house of King Balthazar and the rest of his majesties that I have written seems to be nothing further from the truth.

It is true that these are the press releases they emailed us when we told them we wanted to tell you about their palace.

They didn’t let us touch a single comma.

Three kings live in the East in a place whose name I don’t want to remember.

Your home is big. It has its own room for each of Their Majesties and an office in which they thoroughly prepare their assignment.

Leaving aside some rooms where we will respect the privacy of their owners, we want to take you with us to the place where magic happens.

In his office, anything is possible.

When you enter, your jaw drops. Maps from all over the world cover the walls, with thousands of lines drawn to make the miracle they perform on the Twelfth Night come true.

The three most modern computers rest on the wood of their desks.

The three kings divide the lands and thus can gain control over the behavior of all the children of the world without being overpowered.

In this way, they ensure that no child who behaves properly is left without their gift.

Outside of your workspace, decorating your living room also wins over those who are so lucky to be able to visit.

Its decoration is extravagant, because it can only be when it consists of typical elements from every part of the world.

They know that in multiculturalism there is a wealth that cannot be measured and they are willing to appreciate the wisdom of every corner.

How did you imagine the house of Magi?

Three Sages: This is your house!

We all dreamed of visiting Magi’s house.


And I don’t know about you, but for me, Balthazar has always been the best. So when I had the opportunity to discover his home inside, I knew it was going to be the best time of my life.

Now it’s your turn.

The Kings told us they would raffle to visit the raffle when all the pandemics ended between comments.

If you want to be the next person who knows inside the Mages ’rooms, leave us your message.


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