Privacy at home is more important than anything else. Even more than decorations or furniture. Privacy is synonymous with comfort and serenity, and that’s what really matters in the home. Feel comfortable. And the only vulnerability in this sense that exists in the privacy of the house is in Windows.


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Windows are a fundamental and essential architectural element of any home. Through them the sun and air enter, we communicate with the outside and enjoy the views. But maybe, depending on the location of the house, we can be too seen from the outside and then peace and privacy are disturbed. Fortunately we are solutions to see and not see. We’ll see what we can do next install in windows so you can see, not see from the outside.

Curtains to see and not to see


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This is undoubtedly the simplest and at the same time decorative option, but it is not the most effective, and even less because if we put the curtains so thick that they cannot see us from the outside, we will not be able to see ourselves, and even if you put them too thin, see us. So curtains are necessary because they offer us a little privacy and filter out light, but they are not very effective to see and not see them.

Transparent glasses or crystals


This is another option that we can use so that they do not see us from the outside and let the light pass. But if we want to enjoy the views, with these glasses it will be impossible, because they let in light, but the vision they offer is blurred, blurred, opaque.

Transparent vinyl

transparent_vinyl_see_and_not see

If the transparent crystal option seems suitable for your needs, you must know that there is another solution that is equally practical, but also much cheaper. These are transparent sticky vinyls. They do the same function, but they cost 10 times less, and if we get tired of them, we can easily remove them. Yes buy them here on Amazon.

Spy glasses


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These are crystals that we can see in film examination rooms. These crystals have a mirror effect. When someone looks outside, he sees how it is reflected in them, and he does not see the inside. However, the inside of the house looks clear and transparent.

This solution is ideal for seeing and not seeing. Of course, there is also a “but,” and that is that in order to meet this condition of “seeing and not seeing,” the light that is outside must be greater than the light inside or it will not work. Therefore, at night, even if we have this type of crystal, we will be seen.

Mirror vinyl


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They do the same function as spy glasses, but cost much less. Yes buy them herein the Amazon.

These are some of the solutions for windows and viewing and not seeing, if possible. We will continue to report when we find any news in this regard.

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