Every time D-day comes and you look at the numbers, you wonder how you can save on your electricity bill.

Worst of all, the amount to be paid has only increased in recent years … and the situation is becoming unsustainable.

So in this post we want to share with you 13 tricks to save on your electricity bill which you can run today.

Happy Energy Efficiency Day!

# 1 Use the rate with discrimination per hour

Save on your electricity bill

It is one of the most interesting rates and practically no one chooses it consciously.

With this type of rate the day is divided into periods of consumption, each with its own price:

  • Downtown. In winter from 12 to 10 o’clock at night, and in summer from 1 in the afternoon to 11 o’clock at night.
  • Valley hours. The rest of the day.

During inactive hours, the electricity bill is significantly lower. Therefore, it is crucial to perform the tasks with the highest energy demand at that time save.

# 2 Check your electrical installation

Check your electrical installation

According to the data Electrical Installation Rehabilitation Platform (PRIE), Maintaining the good condition of the domestic electrical system means saving electricity bills of 2,400 million euros a year.

All right. 2,400 million euros throughout Spain. You will get a part of it. And I don’t know about you, but for me, saving is always an alternative to value.

By the way, do not forget that in the case of a new home it is mandatory to make a audit every 10 years. If the house is more than 25 years old, the workshop will have to pass every five.

# 3 Use LED bulbs

Uses LED bulbs

According to Action, 25% of the energy consumed in the house goes to lighting.

So change the bulbs for life using LEDs it will be a breath of fresh air to help you save on your electricity bill.

LED bulbs last approximately 70,000 hours and work 100% until the day of consumption. In addition, they have no toxic elements.

It’s worth a try.

# 4 Adjust the decoration to save on your electricity bill

How to decorate to save light

Although it seems absurd, you can adjust the decoration temperature and achieve very significant savings on your electricity bill.

  • During the winter season, choose carpets and upholstery,, thick curtains Y. place the bases at the gate.
  • When summer comes, bet light cotton or gauze fabrics.

As you can imagine, they won’t make much of a difference. But listen to me. It all adds up!

# 5 Watch your fridge to avoid fear in the future

This will help the refrigerator to consume less electricity

As you know, The refrigerator is the device that consumes the most. However, sometimes we forget that when the cost is higher when the door is open.

If you want to save significantly, you know what it takes. Make quick decisions not to leave the door open for too long.

Also, keep in mind that a half-full refrigerator consumes more than a full one. In the second case, the food itself maintains the temperature.

# 6 Unplug the devices

Turn off devices to save on your electricity bill

Did you know that when you disconnected the TV from the remote control continues to expend energy?

The same thing happens with game consoles, computers or any other electronic device that can be left behind wait.

Although these modes of operation are becoming more efficient, staying in this state is still a problem absurd cost.

Turn them off completely when you’re not using them and ensure greater savings on your account.

# 7 Understand this by choosing the right device

How to choose efficient devices

As they say, cheap shopping is sometimes expensive.

When we have to choose a device for our home, many times we choose the cheapest.

But … is it the best choice when we want to save? It is clear that at this point, but in the long run the electricity bill will increase.

Keep in mind that this is a capable high-energy efficient device consumes 55% less energy.

Therefore, although at first it seems more expensive in the long run you will save on your electricity bill.

# 8 Be careful how you use the iron

How to save on ironing clothes

The iron is another one of those devices that consume a lot of energy and a great stick in yours electricity bill.

The big problem for many people is that they iron small pieces of clothing when they have a moment … and in the end this is a big blow to your electricity bill.

The best strategy to keep consumption from being so high is to start with clothes that require less heat, and finally leave the one that needs more. This way you will use your own iron heat to consume less electricity.

# 9 Reduce the number of light bulbs at home

Reduce the number of light bulbs at home

You must have a room in your home bulb too.

Light overlaps and accumulates. That way, many times when we remove one light bulb, you’ll hardly notice a difference.

Another option is to replace two bulbs with one More powerful. This will also mean significant savings on the electricity bill.

#10 You are not worth it after eating

Do not put on the washing machine before bed

As we told you in the first point, you have to behave wisely with schedules.

One of the most common mistakes is using the dishwasher right after lunch or putting the washing machine into operation after dinner.

While it may assume a slight jet lag, it is interesting to choose the most favorable time terms.

If you’ve gotten that far, it means you’re ready save on your electricity bill. There is no better time than Energy Efficiency Day to change the chip and take this decision seriously.

While any of these measures may seem like bullshit to you today, they can change in the moment of truth.

Apply them from now on and get a significant savings on the electricity bill.


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