The advantage of applying salmon color to the walls is that this is a timeless color that does not go out of fashion and is very versatile, because, in combination, it can decorate the most sophisticated interiors or the sweetest children’s spaces that go through other atmospheres and styles, such as modern living rooms, modern bedrooms or daring bathrooms, adding a very positive vivid touch to everyone.

Want to paint the walls with salmon to decorate the space in your home?

Join me and discover how to apply it and the colors that combine with it. Go ahead.

Let’s start with the photos and spaces where we can apply the salmon, and then we’ll see a a list of colors that suit him, different shades of salmon and how to make salmon color. Although, if you want, you can go directly to the section you want, in the following article index:

Salmon color on the walls

Salmon color on the walls of the living room

Photo: Melissa Kaseman for SF Girl by Bay

The salmon is not pink, nor the peach tone, the salmon tone is very, very soft orange, with yellow and ocher pigmentation, which is why it also turns pink. Although very similar in color to coral, salmon is a different color.

The color of the walls in this room is the standard shade of salmon. An authentic shade of salmon. Although there are many other nuances, as we will see below.

Modern living room with salmon-colored walls.

Design by Sarah Akwisombe Megan Taylor @instagram Megan Taylor Photo

Although it is a color that is associated with children’s spaces or minors, as I said before, this color can be apply to the walls of any space, even to decorate the current living room.

Like everything, it consists of apply the right color combination and materials to make the color work, like this salmon-colored salon from above this line: fresh, modern and revitalizing, thanks to the color itself and the combination of other colors and elements that decorate the space.

Thanks different shades of salmon what exists, depending on where or for whom the space in which we are going to paint it is, pWe can apply a stronger or softer tone, throwing the salmon cake we see in the bedroom down here.

Bedroom with salmon

Homeatheathfield Photography

While it’s a color I can paint the walls of any space with, it seems to be so in a female setting it works best, as it is an elegant and sophisticated color that blends very well into the environment.

Bathroom with salmon-colored walls.


It is also a shade similar to pink it’s a color that looks great in an elegant setting with classical reminiscences and traditional elements of the typical bourgeoisie.

In these environments, the clearer the better, because it creates an surrounding atmosphere, largely in harmony with the decorative style.

Salmon color on the walls, for modern spaces

Design and photo by Keltainen Kahvipannu @vintageinteriorxx

And, as you can see, it can be perfectly combined with many other colors. In the bedroom above these lines with wooden walls painted in soft salmon we see it combined with many other colors, like blue, red and green, among others.

As we see, salmon color on the walls, works for all styles and environments. As always, all it takes is combine it to function properly, both with furniture and elements, and with other colors; and we’ll see about that now, colors that match the salmon on the walls and decor.

Colors that match salmon

Photography Flat therapy

Salmon and black. Salmon goes perfectly with black, like any other color.

Black is an achromatic, neutral color, so any color we combine will work well.

Therefore, we can easily combine salmon and black.

Salmon color and purple. Their combination is bold and powerful, so you have to apply it carefully, but combine, combine.

type: If you are going to combine salmon and purple, it is better to apply it in small doses. For example: Salmon on the walls and purple in additions and supplements.

Let’s look at another successful combination.

Colors that match salmon

Salmon and blue. The salmon tone and blue color are almost complementary in the chromatic circle.

Some shades of salmon are more complementary to some shades of blue than others, but in general blue and salmon can be combined without any problems.

The salmon is a warm color and the blue a cool shade, so one brings what the other lacks.

Therefore, among other things, they are called complementary colors.

Here you can see more colors that match the blue color.

Bathroom that combines salmon color and white

Design by Sarah Akwisombe Megan Taylor @instagram Megan Taylor Photo

Salmon and white. As you can imagine, salmon goes great with white.

A strong modern contrast is created between the two colors and works very well, standing out from each other.

Bedroom with walls painted in salmon color combined with gray

Salmon and gray. Of course, salmon combines well with gray, like all other colors, and gray is another achromatic color.

If you plan to paint the walls with salmon, don’t be afraid to add it or combine it with gray, if you like it, of course, because they work well together.

A kitchen that combines salmon and green colors

Colombo Serboli project

Salmon and green. Green is another cool color to the chromatic circle, so it contrasts and combines very well with salmon because, as we’ve already seen, it’s a warm color.

If either of the two colors is applied in small doses, even better.

Here you can see more colors that match green.

Salmon color and other shades of pink or salmon. Like all other colors, salmon can also be combined with other shades. This is called creating a one-color palette, one color, but with different shades.

If you want to introduce a pink tone instead of salmon, you can do so without any problems.

type: A monochromatic palette of salmon or pink can be exaggerated depending on which spaces. It works better in children than in more adults.

Photo by Tattered & Inked

Salmon and aqua green or mint color: Mint green is a shade of green with blue pigmentation, so, as you can imagine, since we’ve seen salmon combine with green and blue, mint green is also a color we can use to combine salmon on walls or decorative accessories.

In addition, this bedroom with salmon-colored walls offers us the opportunity to see how gold is another color that goes great with salmon.

Here you can see the colors that go with mint green.

with salmon-colored walls combined with brown

Life Interiors

Salmon and brown. Another color that combines with salmon on the walls or furniture is brown.

Brown is a calm and elegant color, as well as warm, which offers a great contrast to salmon when combined.

Here you can see more colors that match brown.

A kitchen that combines salmon and yellow colors

Old brand new photo

Salmon and yellow. A powerful, aggressive combination with a lot of vitality, but it works very well.

In this case, it is convenient to apply one of the two colors in accents, such as applying salmon color to the walls, because it is more subtle and applying yellow in small shades, as we see in this very modern kitchen.

Living room with salmon-colored walls combined with wood.

The color of salmon and wood. I know wood isn’t a color in itself, but I like to finish the list of colors that go with this material, as long as they match well, of course.

In this case, the color of the salmon and the wood do it perfectly.

type: Light wood tones, such as pine, ash, among other things, work better in combination with salmon than strong wood tones.

How to make salmon color

How to make salmon color

Fortunately, making salmon color is pretty simple. Of course, we can buy it ready-made, by choosing the shade of salmon we want, whether it is a pastel shade of salmon or strong, and we avoid it ourselves.

But if you want to do it, completely to your liking, below you can see how to make salmon color:

A white stain is needed on white until white takes on a very delicate shade of pink.

When we get a pink tone, we have to add yellow. We will do it very, very slowly; drop by drop, until we see the pink tone turn to orange-pink.

This is how standard salmon is made.

If we later want a salmon tone with a certain pigmentation or direct it towards the spectrum with a different shade, we will need other colors. For example:

Suppose you want to make a strong and warm shade of salmon.

So, you would first have to make the standard salmon color we just saw, and then you would add a few drops (until you achieve the desired shade) of ocher color.

And if we want stronger, instead of ocher, we can use brown.

Of course, as soon as we get over the paint, the paint will spoil and we will have to start over.

When we make paint with paints or colors, we have to add them very little by little.

A few drops of paint are added and the paint is well removed. We look at it and see if it needs more, and so little by little, until we achieve the desired color.

See: How to make or shape paints with paints and colors

Different shades of salmon

As I said before, there are different shades of salmon.

Each of them expresses a different shade and by applying that tone of salmon to the walls we will get one or the other environment.

Here I leave you with some of the most popular salmon tones, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and requirements, all from Pantone.

If you like one and prefer another brand, it won’t be hard for you to extrapolate it to it by seeing these colors.

Different shades of salmon

We have already seen how salmon affects the walls and colors that combine with salmon, as well as how to make salmon color, but also different shades of salmon; but if you want to apply it to another surface or you need to combine it with another paint or you have any questions, you know that You can leave a comment, I will be happy to answer you.

And if you need to combine colors or create a color palette to paint your home, enter the advice online and contact me.

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