As for trends in bathrooms, we’ve seen everything from a few years to this part. From the unstoppable progress of hydraulic tiles, to subway tiles, hexagonal tiles, designer furniture, the revival of freestanding bathtubs and new shower solutions.

All the great elements of the bathroom have undergone alterations. Now it’s time for one of the small but important objects: a mirror..

There is also a growing movement that raises round mirrors in bathrooms and other spaces into the category of trends. They are a must have, they are a novelty; Round mirrors in bathrooms are in vogue.

And that’s good news, because its aesthetics have great decorative power capable of creating or completing bathrooms so spectacular.

Round mirrors: A new trend in bathrooms

The beautiful R de Room studio, run by architects Sandra and Rebecca, designed this house where we can appreciate an elegant and modern bathroom, where the geometric shapes of the wall tiles and the mosaic of the floor receive a round frame without a frame, in the format apartment, with great pleasure, adding more dynamism and creating a magazine-worthy scene.

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Round mirrors: A new trend in bathrooms

Design by Anton Gorbatenko

Designer Anton Gorbatenko is in charge of this spectacular look of a modern bathroom, with two sinks or washbasins, and two round mirrors with a large metal frame finished in matte black, creating a wonderful contrast with other elements.

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Round mirrors: Trends in bathrooms

Photo by @carpendaughter

In one of the @carpendaughter bathrooms we see different trends in the bathroom. Hexagonal tiles on the floor, underground tiles on the wall and, to make it different, a round mirror, with a gold frame.

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Bathroom with round mirrors.  A new trend

Design and photography Prosto W Szarosci

Beautifully designed this second bathroom, we can appreciate all the trends together, like a lot of wood and imitation wood in the bathroom, where even two round mirrors have a large wooden frame that matches the rest of the bathroom.

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Bathroom with round mirrors

Diseño de @ this_e17_life This e17 life

In this other so beautiful and so eclectic bathroom, where so much material works so well, a round mirror with a strap surrounds the bathroom with a lot of style. And this type of mirror still seems to be more than ever. With straps or ropes, hanging round mirrors are in trend.

These mirrors look great in industrial bathrooms or modern rustic bathrooms, as well as in antique bathrooms. Although combined with style, it can look good in any bathroom.

Denis Krasikov and Anastasia Struchkova project

In this second designer bathroom created by Denis Krasikov and Anastasia Struchkova, a large round frameless mirror without a background is the main protagonist of the space, creating a minimalist and very modern touch.

Bathroom with round mirror

Decorative project by Jagoda Nowakowska

Similarly, another extremely modern bathroom, designed by Jagoda Nowakowska, has modern materials that cover the walls and floor. To make it different, a round mirror with a wooden frame that gives warmth to the space, presides over the bathroom.

Round mirrors: A new trend in bathrooms

Design by Anastasia Kapralova

Designer Anastasia Kapralova is in charge of designing this luxurious and sophisticated bathroom for which she used a large round mirror, framed by a subtle and elegant black frame.

Photo: Style Curator

We can also find round mirrors with an empty frame, something I don’t know why it isn’t completely stylized, with how much the mirror frame is in matte white, the same thing we see in Gina’s bathroom from Style Curator.

What do you say, do you join the trend or do you not like round or curved mirrors? I read you in the comments.

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