The wooden floors they are par excellence the most touchy, warm and seductive to the touch that any home can have.

In addition to being very durable, they are hypoallergenic floors.

Both parquet (slightly more sensitive) and laminate floors (much more resistant) are perfect insulators for the cold, although they may lack a little special for maintenance and cleaning, in recent years their care has been simplified, somewhat simpler than it used to be.

No longer use polishers or fabric slippers, your maintenance routine can be very simple if we take proper care of beautiful floors like the first day.

If you have children or pets, we know maintenance can be complicated, but don’t panic, we’ll see some next Homemade tricks to remove the most common stains that can appear on laminate floors or parquet.

Black damp stains on floors and parquet

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Photo: Woodfloorrefinishinglouisville

The general rule is that this type of black moisture stains must be avoided at all costs, because they are the hardest to remove and make perfect, they will give us work, but even so, we will tell you how you can fight them.

We will need soft sandpaper, and we will use it to rub the surface and remove the layer of varnish. Special attention should be paid to the grain of the wood, so we will always grind in the direction of the grain.

When the stain disappears, we give it a varnish passage. The varnish must be the same. That is, we cannot apply a dye varnish if the original varnish is colorless, as this will be noticeable. Even so, when applying a new varnish, even if it is the same, it will always be noticeable, for it will be brighter, newer; the passage of time will level the ground.

White water stains on floors and parquet

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Photo: Easy.

For these types of stains, there is a home remedy that consists of creating a fairly thick paste by mixing baking soda and mayonnaise. Arrange this on the stain and leave it to act for about 5 minutes. Finally, clean the paste with a soft cloth.

Stains colored waxes, nail polishes, shoe polishes, lipsticks or cigarettes of the brand on the floor and parquet


Photos: Askannamoseley

Don’t be afraid. Stains are very common and cleaning them is really easy and fast. Moisten a soft, dry cloth with alcohol or acetone. Rub the stain until it is completely removed. In general, even if we clean the stain quickly, it usually comes out without any problems.

Greasy stains on floors or parquet

Heart attack!  alcoholic and wooden floors do NOT mix!

Photo: Bookishbiker

To remove grease stains, a fairly effective trick is to sprinkle the affected area with talcum powder or hot ash (no traces of charcoal). This will naturally soak up the dirt. We wait 24 hours for it to take effect and remove it with a cloth. If we want to restore the shine in the area, we can rub it with mineral benzene or varnish for wooden floors.

It must be said that removing oil or grease can become impossible, because if grease or oil penetrates the varnish, and they tend to transfer it to old floors due to the type of varnish and its decay, the oil will absorb the wood and we will probably not be able to remove the stain.

In this case, the only solution is to stab the parquet to remove the stain and repaint. To perform this process, it is warmly recommended that it be done by an expert.

Dark stains from shoes or furniture on floorboards or parquet

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Photo: Cfandeportes.

For these very common stains the trick is very simple. Use a white pencil eraser to rub it over the affected area, wiping off the stain.

Another home trick is to wipe the affected area with a damp cloth with a crumb of white vinegar. Leave it to act for 2 to 4 minutes, after that time we will dry it with a soft and dry cloth. Although you have to be very careful with this trick because vinegar can burn or react and create a bigger stain. We have to use very few vingars, with the cloth just moistened.

Stains from chocolate, juices, drinks and wine on the floor or parquet


Photo: VivirHogar.

These common stains have a simple and quick solution. To do this, heat a little water and add a few drops of detergent or floor cleaner. We rub this lotion with a soft cloth, like the one made of microfiber.

Stains of hot wax on the floor or parquet

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There is a super simple remedy for candle stains. We rub an ice cube on the wax, and with a plastic spatula (never a metal one) so as not to scratch the surface, we carefully scratch it until it is removed.

If not all the wax comes out, we go through the ice again and repeat the process.

Pot stains on the floor or parquet

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Photo: Creativehomedesigner.

If we want to remove stains left by dishes or any decorative element on the parquet, we only need to wipe the affected area with a warm cloth, moistened with white vinegar.

Worn stains on floors or parquet


If the parquet or floor has areas of wear or minor damage, this area can be treated by rubbing with half a raw onion. This will remove the woodworm without having to lift the entire floor.

However, we know that its maintenance can be more complex than other floors, so our advice is to use it as well special products for parquet or floorsYou can find these specific products in DIY and jewelry stores or in personalized stores to make cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible.

And how there is no better solution than good prevention, let’s see ten tips for protecting and maintaining laminate wood floors, very simple and efficient that will make our lives easier.

10 tips for protecting parquet and laminate

1. Place mats at the entrance, this will trap possible external elements that could scratch or soil the floor, such as dust and dust.

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Photo: Design-Milk.

2. Use felt on the legs of chairs, tables or furniture. You can make them yourself, or otherwise there are very cheap protectors and the result is optimal.

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Photo: Ambiencehardwoodflooring.

3. Clean or vacuum the floor regularly. Regular cleaning is the best maintenance for this type of floor.

4. Never use nickel pads or any other type of abrasive, as they will destroy the floor. With special care, it is desirable to use soft cloths.

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5. Clean the floors with a well-wrung cloth and using a small amount of special wood detergent. Instead of detergent, you can use a pinch of vinegar. It will be disinfected and shiny.

6. Do not pour water directly on the pavement. Nothing worse than humidity for this type of floor.

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Photo: Coraparquet.

7. Special care with masking tape. Always avoid using it. In case you use it to paint the walls, because you have to protect the substrates and the floor, this tape should not stay glued for more than two hours, because the solvents attached to the glue spoil the wood varnish, so I can remove them.

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Photo: Yellowbox.

8. Do not step on the ground with wet shoes or high heels. As much as varnish can provide you with protection, these factors can corrode wood and shorten its lifespan.

9. Maintain a stable temperature, without sudden changes. Temperature changes are clearly the enemy for our floor. Wood is a material that absorbs and releases moisture into the environment, so we need moderate stability as much as possible.

10. Use curtains to avoid direct light. It is not recommended that the sun completely falls on the floors as it will take away the color over time. Like any piece of furniture. It is better to prevent blinds or curtains, especially in the midday sun.


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