We will need two basic products, the first is a fixative and the second a stone paint.

To paint a facade that is finished in cement or any other mortar, the first thing we need to do is apply a hardener.

A fixative is a product that dissolves with water, usually dissolved by adding four parts water to one of the fixatives, for example: If we add a liter of fixative, we will dilute it with 4 liters of water. Although it seems to be very fluid, it should be given that way and how it works best. The more liquid, the better, because in this way it will penetrate more into the surface of the facade.

To make sure how many parts of water we add to it, we will first look at the product label where it is listed, as not all brands of paint are the same, and some may need to add 6 parts of water to 1 fixative.

We give it two layers of fixative, leaving the drying time, more than 3 hours between hand and hand.

After the fixative dries, we will paint the facade with stone paint, if we want it to be white then white and if we want it to be any other color, in the paint shop we will tell you to make us the color you want, but with stone paint.

And now all that remains is to paint the facade, we will give it by hand until the cleaning is noticed, and everything is even and covered, respecting that, the drying time between the hands, about 6 hours. And with two hands, that is certainly more than enough. And we already have the facade ready and ready to withstand everything they throw at it.

Why give a fixative?

The fixative, as its name suggests, acts as a fixative, preventing a thin layer of cement from falling out in the form of grains when we start painting, the fixative will also serve us so that the paint covers more and we consume less, which gives more paint yield per square meter.

It is not necessary for the facade to be made of cement for applying hardener, if the facade is finished with any plaster such as adhesive cement, single layer or any facade coating, we will give it hardener, because it will avoid future problems, it is also quite cheap and brings a lot.

If the facade is seriously damaged, it is best to put a veil on it, to see how to install a facade with a veil, click here


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