If you want to change the design of your carpet and for any reason don’t want to spend money on a new one, you can paint the carpet to rearrange it.

It is very simple and cheap, which is why I love and recommend it so much, and the result, if well performed, is fantastic. That’s why I wanted to prepare an article explaining how to paint and decorate a carpet.

Carpet painted in shades of purple

Lovely ugly design.

First of all, we must say that carpet painting is an irreversible process. Once we start, we will never be able to leave it like we used to. So you have to be clear that this is what we want. Since it was painted, there is no going back.

These are the materials you need.

Carpet painting materials:

  • Textile paint (spray or spray). (Or also synthetic enamel)
  • Self-adhesive tape.
  • Mouth and nose mask.
  • One meter.
  • Masking paper or plastic.
  • Solvent

Before we start, we have to say that you can use other types of paints, such as acrylic or synthetic enamel, and apply them with a brush and roller, but that way we will leave the painted space baked. If you don’t mind, you can use that type of paint.

These are the steps you need to follow to paint your carpet. Very simple:

How to paint a carpet

The first step. We vacuum the carpet. Like any surface that needs to be treated with paint, it must first be cleaned, in this case we will vacuum it as well as possible.

The second step. Create the selected drawing. If we have decided to decorate the carpet with a drawing or pattern, now is the time to do so, using a gauge and duct tape to design the drawing, we will cover the entire surface of the carpet, except for the area to be painted.

The third step. Both carpets. Properly shake the aerosol or spray and apply it to the carpet at a distance of about 25 cm. Before you start, it is strongly recommended that we do some spray tests on another surface, such as cardboard or paper, to make sure it distributes the paint properly. Sometimes the spray nozzle does not pull properly and drips at first.

We give one pass and let it dry for about 20 minutes, and then we apply another pass and voila, we painted the carpet. To step on it again, you have to wait about 24 hours. And before we do that, we can do a paint resistance test by sucking up a small area to see if the paint resists.

Recommendations for carpet painting

Since we will save a lot of money by decorating the carpet instead of buying a new one, we can afford to buy a decent, quality spray. This is a product where you do not have to save costs, the difference, for example, with the usual Chinese spray, is worthless. With a good spray of a reliable brand, we will not have any problems.

To make sure we get a good spray, we can go to any paint store and buy professional sprays. The clerk will advise us.

Considering that we are going to spray the carpet, never paint it indoors, even if you have wallpaper all over the floor, as it would end up all over the area where you are sprayed. This type of work must be done outside, so that they do not get dirty and so that there is enough ventilation so that the spray does not harm or stain us. Because it always stains.

If you looked at the materials I listed at the beginning, you could see that I put the solvent on the list. It is always advisable to have a little solvent on hand in case something that should not stain like the floor or anything else gets dirty, so that we can clean it as quickly as possible.

And finally, if you are looking for inspiration or ideas on how to paint and decorate your rugs, here are some photos of stylishly colored rugs so you can take note:

Painted carpets

Old modernized carpet with white paint

New domesticated project

This other rather ugly brown rug is painted with an interesting white striped pattern and its look has been completely modernized.

A simple border painted on the carpet to show the new carpet

Curbly project

Dark blue border decorating the carpet. There was no need to paint it all. One border on its perimeter was enough to decorate it.

The elegant and modern design painted on the carpet gives it a second life

Proyecto de butter and sun jelly

In dark bluish gray and yellow tones creating an instant pattern and achieving a very modern rug.

Carpet painted in deep blue

Dorsey Designs Project

This second white rug is painted with a shiny pattern in a nice deep blue color, resulting in a much cooler and more decorative rug, right?

Decorate and paint your carpet with a Moroccan pattern in white

Project de From the wolf to you

With a Moroccan pattern. A gray carpet that is painted white using a template and achieves a very modern look.

These are just a few examples. By browsing the Internet you can see much, much more to inspire you.


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