If you’re going to paint a piece of furniture you have at home to rejuvenate it and give it a second life, bet on matte black to get a completely updated look regardless of the age or period of the furniture.

Matte black painted cabinet


It is important to choose a matte color, because glossy or satin black will highlight all the flaws and imperfections that the furniture has, while in matte black these mistakes will be hidden.

Here we can see different finishes: matte, satin, glossy and lacquered.

Matte black painted cabinet


And if we opt for lime color, even better, because this color adheres strongly to the surface and leaves a silky and velvety visible finish. Exactly what is needed to rejuvenate a piece of furniture and make it work, even if it is from the 19th century.

Matte black painted cabinet

Of course, we can keep certain details in the original, if that is what we want; but even so, the anti-decay effect will be devastating, and the furniture will get an instant, contemporary finish, like this amazing 18th-century sideboard, converted into a double-sided bathroom cabinet.

Matte black painted cabinet

Whether for the living room, bathroom, bedroom or the hallway itself, a piece of furniture painted in matte black stylizes and rejuvenates the room like an elegant evening dress.

Combined with other, more vivid colors, such as accents of yellow, red and orange, they will stand out even more, creating a striking and contemporary color palette.

Here we can see 10 colors that are best combined with black in the decoration.

Matte black painted cabinet

If you have the opportunity to save old craft furniture that is in poor condition, one or two coats of matte black paint will leave it to show in the most modern spaces.

Matte black painted cabinet

Cabinets, cupboards and closed bookshelves take on a special charm when painted black. Because they can see objects from the inside and if they are white, the contrast will be most elegant.

Matte black painted cabinet


By painting the furniture black, we can even make it the main focus of the room. In addition, black is combined with everything, whether colors or styles, it is a very appreciative color that always finds its place.

Matte black painted cabinet


This dresser is another magnificent example in which we can see how to rejuvenate a piece of furniture by dyeing it black. The handles have been changed and the wreath removed, but thanks to the matte black color, it destroys the antique aesthetics of the furniture, creating a completely contemporary piece.

As you may have seen, I haven’t stopped repeating that the color is black and the finish is matte, and that’s because if it were in gloss or satin, the result would be very different, let’s look at an example:

Matte black painted cabinet

The glossy black color with which this furniture is painted highlights all its shortcomings; In addition, the shine gives it a classic patina that prevents the furniture from getting that instant, contemporary touch that matte black gives, especially with older furniture.

Chalk is very easy to find today. In paint shops or decoration department stores, and also online, like this beautiful shade of matte black by La Pajarita.

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How to paint a black piece of furniture?


Painting black furniture is no different from other colors, except that we may have to give it fewer hands because black covers very well.

We must first sand the furniture to remove the shine so that the paint adheres well. They say chalk paint doesn’t need a primer or sanding, but in case I always sand even gently, with a medium sand sponge, to soften it. It takes 5 minutes and I make sure the paint catches properly.

After sanding, the dust is blown off and wiped with a damp cloth to remove any dirt left over from sanding. We can also use a universal degreaser to remove dirt that furniture may have, such as grease or hinge oil.

After the furniture is cleaned, the paint is applied, first with a brush, reaching the corners where the roller does not reach, ie drawing and cutting, and then, if the furniture has large smooth surfaces, we first finish with a roller Zero pores, almost hairless If the furniture is not very large, we can easily do everything with a flat brush.

It is allowed to dry for as long as the paint manufacturer advises, and if it is covered, we would have the furniture ready. If you have not covered, we will give you another hand.

Even if the first hand is covered, I have a habit of giving it one more hand.

To get the second layer, I first very gently sand the furniture, to remove impurities from the first layer, remove dust and apply a second layer. And voila, furniture like new.

Painting a piece of furniture is a very simple task that does not require special skills. Go ahead and transform your old furniture into current pieces that stand out in your home.

If you dare to paint a piece of furniture and if you doubt the procedure, leave a comment and I will help you finish it.

Not only does furniture painted in matte black get that modern touch, here we can see 7 elements that will transform your home if you paint them in black.


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