The board paint It was a real revolution in the decoration market. Although color in general is already a very versatile product that offers us a multitude of decorative options, imagine one board paint to dry once Can be used as the name suggests, like a board.

headboard painted-painted-board

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Board color is available in 10 colors, although demand will increase, the range of colors will expand. It’s a picture with semi-matt finish, anti-reflective and washable.

The color of the slate is synthetic, and is diluted with solvent or turpentine. This picture it is applied with a roller and a brush. The tool is washed with white spirit or solvent.

How to apply or paint the paint for the board:

This paint can be applied to any surface. So much painted, unpainted walls, furniture, appliances, glassetc. Each surface has a pre-primer to properly adhere the paint to the board.

If we go to paint the wall that is already painted in a matte finish, we do not need any primer. Simply clean the wall well beforehand, and then apply the paint to the board.

Apply several coats until the wall is completely covered. Between layers, leave to dry for at least 4 hours.

Once the wall is completely covered, it must be left to dry for at least 24 hours so that the wall can be used as a slab.

If the surface we are going to painting with paint on the board has a gloss, it is made of metal, glass, wood or any other surface, you must first give it a primer. The correct primer depends on the surface on which we will apply the paint of the board. For example, if we are going to paint on tiles, we are going to coat the wall with a tile primer, if we are going to paint on metal, we are going to apply a metal primer. Although so as not to mess up too much, we can use one of the primers called 4 × 4, this type of primer works on any surface and is sold in any paint store.

Once the primer has dried, we can apply the paint to the board as mentioned above.

The most normal thing is that if we paint the wall with this type of paint, it is because we will use chalk to draw on it. It is enough to wipe the chalk with a damp cloth.


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