Vinyl and PVC coatings are actually nothing new, although they currently have to be closed for their practicality, they were already in vogue in the days of our parents.

What has changed, and thankfully, for the better each time, is its quality.

The quality of its finishes has been significantly improved, imitating different materials, today with great realism, and the quality of the product itself has also been improved, making it more resistant, durable and keeping its physical integrity longer.

Grosfillex GX Vinyl wall tiles

And this is especially the case with quality coatings, such as the new GX Wall + adhesive coatings from Grosfillex, which allow us to renovate walls and floors without the need for work, without the need for heavy tools and / or plasters.

And what do these coatings have and others do not? Well, if you read me on the blog, you’ll know that while I talk a lot and well about sticky coatings and vinyl floors and tiles, they always had a big “but”.

And that is that when they are laid on the tiles, if the joints of the tiles are not leveled with mortar, they eventually end up being marked on the vinyl floor. Therefore, although the product is easy to install, when you want to do it on the tile with joints, you need to level the floor, which already makes the task neither so easy nor so fast.

And that’s exactly what I liked about these new GX wall + PVC adhesive coatings from Grosfillex, which with their mineral particles and a thickness of 5 mm give the coating the necessary rigidity and stability so that it does not lose its integrity and nothing is marked.

Of course, in addition to the quality of the product, there is, as I said at the beginning, the quality of its finishing coatings. And that is that these coatings are available in 6 mineral finishes, the effects of cement, wood and slate with a great sense of realism and naturalness, as we will see below, starting with the imitation of pine wood.

GX wall + urban pine cladding

Grosfillex GX wall vinyl tile for walls

All wall tiles come in 30 cm x 60 cm x 5 mm format, and now also in the new 45 cm x 90 cm and 12 cm x 172 cm format with a 4-head joint system, extremely easy to install on any surface. Let’s look at another model.

GX wall + alpine larch adhesive coating

Grosfillex GX wall vinyl tile for walls

This second model mimics darker wood, more tanned colors and with more presence, either to decorate the bathroom or any other wall or floor of the house. If you are looking for a material other than wood, the following model may interest you.

GX wall + adhesive coating for concrete

Grosfillex GX wall vinyl tile for walls

As its name suggests and as you can see in the picture, this second model imitates the final layer of concrete, so popular today, especially in bathrooms.

Like other models, it is an adhesive tile that makes it a dry construction solution, reducing the time and economic costs of installing tiles for express renovation without work, with a great finish and resistance. Let’s take a look at the following model which is also very fashionable.

GX wall + gray cement adhesive coating

Grosfillex GX wall vinyl tile for walls

Yes, we have not only concrete at our disposal, but also cement processing in the format of high-design adhesive tiles, complex floral geometric pattern, without loss of quality, resistance and, as you well know, easy to maintain. Let’s see the next one.

GX wall + adhesive coating of dark stone

If slate is your thing, you can now cover your entire bathroom with it, without the need for work, thanks to this model from the GX Wall + series, which imitates slate with great realism.

GX wall + hamam adhesive coating for wood

For the most natural. If you like the color and design of restored wood, recycled old wood, this is the model you need for your bathroom. As you can see, in this case, the boards even mimic the shape of wooden slats.

More information: Grosfillex

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