A few years ago from 3D decorative modular panels came on the market, but due to their growing demand, prices have dropped and design and production materials have improved, and every day this demand grows and grows, both from individuals who will install them in their home and decorate the wall with them, and from professionals who will install them in offices, discos, bars and other institutions. If you are looking information, photos and prices on 3D decorative modular panels, in the following lines you will find what you are looking for.

decorative panels-3d

Each panel package includes 10 panels, and together, cover an area of ​​2.10 square meters. So when we buy packaging, we can cover 2.10 square meters of surface. Although when buying it is time when we have to make numbers, measure the area that we will decorate with decorative panels and order accordingly.

They are many designs available Among which to choose boards, and as I said, there are more and more of them every day, because manufacturers have to put batteries thanks to skills, and this friends, is something that favors us customers. Here you can see some models we have selected:

3D decorative panels, Bloom model.

modular panels-3d

3D decorative panels, model Diamond.

modular boards-3d-1

3D decorative panels, model Pixels.

modular panels-3d-2

3D decorative panels, model Ramps.

modular boards-3d-3

3D decorative panels, model Pillows.

modular plates-3d-4

3D decorative panels, model Dine.

modular boards-3d-5

3D decorative panels, model Moonscape.

modular boards-3d-6

Although there are several manufacturers, these panels we have seen are from the company 3D wall decor. A company specializing in decorative 3D modular panels.

The advantage or additional plus of this type of decorative wall coverings is that, in addition, it can be easily painted with plastic paint; just like painting on top of a wall. So with them we can create endless combinations and designs and adapt them to our decoration. By default they become white, but then we can express our creativity and decorate them at our discretion.

modular boards-3d-7

As you can see, with these panels you can decorate each room. Whether for the bedroom, living room, office, room or any other area, including ceilings, since it weighs only 250 grams per plate.

modular boards-3d-8

These 3D decorative modular panels are made of bamboo pulp, for what they are Respect for the environment, very lightweight, fireproof and waterproof and, according to the manufacturer, are easy assembly.

Learn more about bamboo and everything you can do with it in this article titled Ideas for decorating with bamboo.

Instructions for installing a 3D decorative panel

According to the manufacturer, the materials and tools needed to assemble these boards are:

– mounting glue.

– Joint filler.

– Wall example.

– painting (optional)

– Pencil

– Level

– Cutter (if you have to cut a piece)

And the circuit is as follows:

After we clarify which wall and how we want to mount the panels, we need to clean the said wall so that there is no dust. We will remove the dust from the wall with a dry cloth.

When cleaning, draw a straight line on the wall, as a reference point for connecting the boards.

Apply glue or mounting glue to the boards, through the middle and along the edge.

We carefully place the plates on the wall, taking them as a reference, in order to place them straight, the line we marked earlier.

In order for everything to go in the best order, it is very important that the first board we place is completely flat. The rest will imitate you, and the final drawing will be perfect.

After we place the first one, we will glue the glued ones one by one next to the first one.

When we have finished laying all the boards, we can fill the joints and after they are filled, if we are going to paint them, give them a primer as well.

Once the primer has dried, we can paint the boards with a brush.

Both primer and grout can be purchased at DIY stores and decorations. At the store, the clerk will advise you which product is better.

However, there is nothing better than watching a short video to see how to assemble 3D modular decorative panels according to the manufacturer:

Maybe decorating an entire room in a home can be a little expensive, but we can decorate one wall, like a headboard or a TV wall, say a main wall. Or maybe a wall in front of the hallway so that when visitors arrive they will find a great decoration. In short, it is to the taste of the consumer.

What do you think about decorative panels? Did you know them? I read you in the comments, family.

Photos and information 3D wall decor

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