When we start painting a house, we are always in doubt as to which color to choose or which to combine with. To resolve all these doubts and make the right color choice, we can use chromatic circle. By learning to use it, we will know which colors are combined and which are not. So let’s see how the color wheel works and how we can use it. But first we need to know something basic about colors.


There are 3 basic colors What are they: Red, yellow and blue.

Then we have secondary colors, which are obtained by combining the initial layers.

If we mix red with yellow we get Orange.

If we mix yellow with blue we get green.

If we mix blue with red, we get Violet.

Y. combining primary colors: Red, yellow and blue between secondary colors: Orange, green and purple, we get the rest chromatic colors of the circle.

We already know the colors of the chromatic circle, we will now interpret the position of the color in the circle.

Complementary colors are placed in a circle diametrically opposite each other. In this way we can see that yellow is complementary to purple, or that red is complementary to green or blue to orange. Depending on the position of the colors, we will know which ones complement each other.

And the last thing we need to know about the colors of the chromatic circle are warm colors and cool colors.


Warm colors are yellow, orange and red, and cool colors are green, blue and purple.

Knowing all this, we can now choose the right colors for painting our house. If we don’t want to risk too much, we can choose a sound system.

Tone system is painting the house in the same color, but different tones and intensities. Thanks to the chromatic circle we can see different shades of the same color.

Another trick we can use to paint our house properly is always combine warm colors with warm and cool with cool. Looking at the chromatic circle we will know which colors are cold and warm.

If you decide to choose colors that are not the same, so as not to disturb the harmony and always neatly arrange the decoration, you can choose colors that are close to the color wheel, although they are completely different. This will achieve a sense of harmony when painting.

Knowing the color wheel, choosing the right color is easy.

If you want to see a summary of this in the explained video, you can see it here on Titanlux.


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