If we have an iron surface that we want to graft, there is a special iron putty, which is a putty used by sheet metal workers to seal the car.

This kit is two-component. One of the components is a putty and the other component is a hardener. They sell it together.

Two-component iron-putty

To use this putty, take a little with a spatula and mix it with the hardener, depending on the amount of hardener we add, it will need more or less to dry.

This putty is special for irons, so if we have a metal surface that we want to graft, the appropriate putty is a two-component metal putty. This kit is sold in any paint store or construction store.

You need a sander for sanding, because it is a very hard and resistant putty, if we sanded it by hand, we would not have enough strength to leave the putty well sanded.

If the sanding surface is small, we need a sanding block, flat, to put sandpaper with a granulation of approximately 120 pi sand “flat” so that the surface is flat. If we did not use a flat block to put sandpaper, the putty would be wavy after sanding.


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