We talked a lot about the importance of mirrors for the multiplication of light received by space. And that same concept is grounded Alexi Hervé to create The universe, a very simple but extremely efficient system for they currently increase natural light in any space that has a window. How? Look at the picture and you will understand.


Now that you’ve seen it, it seems obvious, but until recently there was nothing like it. This is a space system. A light reflector equipped with a highly reflective and controllable surface that moves sunlight in the desired direction. In this way, the light in any space that requires it will multiply, making the place brighter, livelier, more beautiful. What more …

This reflector, as you can see, is placed on the window, but it is also available for other solutions. Specifically three more. One, the one we saw above. It is placed at the bottom of the outside of the window. The second model of the company Espaciel offers us the possibility of attaching to the balcony railing. Here we can see it:


And the other model is placed inside the window ledge. Here we see it:


Its installation is very simple, according to its website, Espaciel for windows is installed in less than a minute and is suitable for all types of openings and facades whether they are brick, stone, wood, etc. And the price ranges from 99 euros for an indoor spotlight to 159 euros for a spotlight installed on the balcony.

What do you think about this lighting support system?

More information Spacious.


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