IKEA Spain launches Buy online version 1.0. A new way of shopping at IKEA and much more comfortable; a service that many of us have been waiting for. So, starting today, We can go to the IKEA website and buy from its online catalog so we can deliver it to the door of the house.

To shop online at IKEA, we need to enter their website and add the products we want to our shopping list.

Once we have a list, we have two options: 1. Have the order brought home to us Y. 2. Pick up the order at the selected delivery point.

Both for collecting items purchased online at IKEA and for home delivery, we can choose the time period that suits us best.

Although it should be noted that the service is not free. He has tariffs that are explained on his website and which we can see here.

It should also be noted that this service is a pilot test that has just been born and that, as time goes on, so will the customs and customer requirements, change and grow.

Therefore, IKEA makes your online shopping much easier for us. It is undoubtedly a service that will heat up, because many of us expected this movement from IKEA, with the growing trend of consumers to buy online.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait to see how venta on the IKEA network.

And you, what do you think, did you wait for that?

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