After a long day of work, are you looking forward to taking the exam so you can read and enjoy the quiet moment?

For the day of the book, all lovers of reading dream of having it space dedicated only to this passion for letters.

Reading angles are small areas where we can become the protagonist of the book we are reading and forget about the world around us.

Today we want to show you some how many ideas create your own reading corner to escape from day to day.

# 1. Hole next to the window

If there’s one thing you need to enjoy reading, it’s to have good light which follows your adventures.

That’s why creating a reading corner next to a window that is perhaps one of the best ideas.

Set the bed from pillows or armchairs, fluffy blanket and light your favorite scented candle.

This idea is one of the easiest to implement.

#dwo. The most comfortable reading

First of all, comfort!

Follow your books with armchair with footrest it is perhaps one of the most interesting ideas of all.

Classic armchairs give a very old-fashioned touch to your reading nook, and since it’s not always comfortable to always be in the same position, following the footrest is a great idea.

Take it to your bookshelf and put a table on the side and begins to enjoy the rest.

# 3. Hole under the stairs

Harry Potter is not the only person who spends hours under the ladder if you decide this is your reading nook.

A little couch which can serve as a guest bed, and a few shelves are enough to turn a seemingly useless space into a dreamy corner.

With a few pillows and one good distribution, this reading angle is perfect if you want to use every inch of your home to make the most of it.

# 4. Corner for two

What if you can share your reading angle?

This idea is aimed at those people who they share a passion for reading and enjoy spending time together immersed in the book.

Follow your shelves to several armchairs but equal, similar, together with great down which can serve as a footrest in moments of relaxation.

Of course, don’t forget to have good lighting for both, well floor lamp or on a side table it can be a charming detail.

# 5. Seat on the window sill (indoors)

Remember when we talked to you about the importance of light for your corner?

This option is very interesting if you have it wide windows and with seat space at the height of the sill.

For that it is necessary to have a comfortable base and plenty of space for your books.

A few shelves on the wall and above the window can be a very useful way to make the most of the space in your corner without having to give up natural light.

# 6. Take advantage of the outside

While in this case your favorite books should be waiting at home, the truth is that you can create the perfect reading corner of the day with better weather.

To achieve this, you can set a small outdoor sofa on the patio or porch to enjoy your current book.

Although your space is smaller, you can place a a wooden pallet, a comfortable pad for the mat and a few pillows Decorate your balcony and turn it into a place of most fancy.

# 7. Own bookstore

If you are one of those readers who have more books than friends, then they will need their own room.

And yes, this is the dream of any bibliophile. Have your library at home.

And what is important in this type of bookstore?

That’s right, ladder to get to the highest books.

It seems like something from the past, but it is one of the most useful and interesting ideas a house where books abound can have.

So accompany your shelves with a ladder ia good chair and enjoy the angle that suits the king.

But we know that no matter how many ideas we give you to create a reading corner, you already have in mind what that perfect space is for you and your books.

To end you and wish you a happy book day, we wish you Tell us in the comments what a perfect place it would be to spend hours reading.

There are no limits, you know, imagination is power.

And that, for readers, we have in abundance.

We hope you enjoy this day!

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