Despite the fact that this technique is used with vinyl records It’s against my principles, I have to admit that we occasionally had records like this at home that all they do is collect dust because we may have inherited them at some point in our lives and we don’t like typing music, or they are scratched and spoiled, or for example those records that seemed the most in our youth, and now we are absolutely ashamed of them, like the summer hits of the moment, among others.


Well, in this unique and exclusive case, technique recycle and decorate our home with vinyl records, seems perfect to me. I research this type of recycling, and believe me, there are real works of art, like carved clocks, card holders, wall murals, side tables, coat racks, and so on. All with a very tasty design and look home decoration with a cool retro pop style very seductive.

We at Milideas suggest some decorating and recycling vinyl records ideas most suggestive. Let’s see them:

Clock engraved on vinyl record.


Project: 19bis.

A watch carefully engraved on a vinyl record, a work of art no doubt. It belongs to the collection of Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko and is perfect for elegantly decorating every room in the home, giving it a fun and original look.

Wall wine rack created with vinyl records.

wine rack_walls_disks_vinyl_recycled

Project: Tuteate.

Fantastic and functional wall wine rack made of recycled vinyl records. It’s a pretty simple DIY project. To fold them, you will need to soak the piece you want to fold in boiling water and carefully shape it. Finally, let them dry until the vinyl hardens, then you can anchor them to the wall. Perfect for decorating in the kitchen or living room.

Bowl made from recycled vinyl record.


Beautiful bowl made with vinyl record. This “do it yourself” project is also very simple, it consists of heating the disc and letting it cool in a metal pan so you can give it the shape you want. If you prefer a more complex design and if you get along well with the brush, you can make the design you want with a special acrylic paint for vinyl. It is used to decorate any table with fruit or flowers, or in a cupboard at the entrance to leave keys, or perhaps in the bathroom to place makeup utensils.

Card holder made of recycled vinyl record.


Project: Coroflot.

This original and practical card holder is very easy to make, you will only need a few base holders and make small cuts at the top. Perfect for holding tickets, letters, shopping lists, photos … whatever you can think of! Do you dare

Standing planters and vinyl records turned into an auxiliary table.


Project: Theflourishingabode.

A curious side table made up of a standing planter and a vinyl record. I am fascinated by this idea, and also this “do it yourself” project has minimal difficulty, you will only need a hot glue gun to glue the disc to the edge of the planter. To see how this is done, we leave you with the guide we found. Click here.

Book holder made of recycled vinyl records.


This idea seems very unusual to me, apart from being a very easy “do it yourself” project, it also creates a very special decorative atmosphere. For this you will only need a bowl, boiling water and a wooden block, it’s that simple. Click here to see how this is done step by step.

A watch made with a vinyl record and recycled CDs.


Here we bring you another fantastic decorative and functional element for decorating your home with vinyl records, although we will use CDs this time as well. For this DIY project you will only need a clockwork, a few CDs and a vinyl record. Click here to see how this is done step by step.

Coat rack made of recycled vinyl records.


Project: Hogarutil.

What do you think of this coat carrier made with vinyl records? Personally, I loved it, apart from being decorative and functional, this is a very simple “do it yourself” project. You will only need white glue or hot silicone glue, vinyl records that don’t work and some handles. The rest is already to give it the shape you like best. We recommend that you first make a design on the floor on some cardboard, and after it is attached with glue and the handles are anchored, we will finally place it on the wall.

Retro style frames created with recycled vinyl records.


Project: We are renovating.

This idea gives the room a sublime effect, giving it a modern and curious air. They used 7-inch discs (the smallest) for this craft and glued them to a sheet or canvas. For a perfect fit, we recommend the use of hot silicone glue, and when finished, you will have it ready to hang on the wall. As you can see, this DIY project has no major complications, if you like the idea … get to work right away!

Hanging lamp created from recycled vinyl records.


Photo: Pinterest.

Do you love this amazing lamp? For us, of course. If you have vinyl records of different sizes at home, it’s time to give them a second chance. To carry out this do-it-yourself project, all you need to do is buy ceiling lamp holders at any electrical shop, and as you can see, all that’s left is to attach the bulb bases to the discs. For installation, we would recommend the help of experts to mount the wiring to the ceiling.

Fruit bowl created from recycled vinyl records.


Photo: Pinterest.

If that’s what you want decorate the kitchen with vinyl tiles It won’t work, this DIY project is great for him. You’ll need a few vinyl records and a special central support for fruit bowls, which you can find at any hardware or DIY store. In addition to being a fruit bowl, it can also serve as a cake display, or simply as an organizer for small delicacies. Isn’t it really nice?

Well, like I said, with a little imagination we can give a second chance to those vinyl records that are damaged or that we don’t like anymore. There are real miracles decorate a home created with recycled vinyl records. Don’t you think?


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