Sure, when you have painted on an already painted surface, you may have noticed this sometimes bubbles or bubbles come out almost all over the wall, especially if it is painted with plastic paint.

Bubbles or bubbles on the wall when painting

This is normal, the paint you add takes water and in order for the paint to dry, it has to evaporate, and that steam has to come out somewhere, and when it can’t come out, it makes a spray, until it manages to get out.

But if the bubble isn’t broken or has holes, don’t worry, as soon as the paint dries, everything will fall back into place even though it seems amazing.

I want to comment on this because I’ve often been asked what to do when those bubbles come out and people go crazy by scratching, scraping and re-gluing, and in fact 80% of the time you don’t have that.

Of course, if the walls are completely dry (about 24 hours) the bubbles are still on the wall, you have to do it scrape and clean the area.


But like I said before, if you finish painting and see these bubbles come out, calm down, don’t do anything right now, just let the paint dry, you’ll see them return to their place.

If the bubbles do not return after the wall has dried, they need to be scraped off and then applied with a fixative.

The fixative in question is a solvent-based sealant. It is a product that is applied with a roller or brush, as if it were ordinary plastic paint, directly on the surface to be treated.

The sealant is applied, it is allowed to dry and bubbles will no longer appear in that area.

It is then sealed, sanded and can be repainted as before.

The sealant is a very common product in the world of painting, it is sold in all colors, even in the ironworks, or here, and costs about 8 euros per liter or kilogram.

But let me repeat, if the paint comes out, bubbles or bubbles, everyone who calls it whatever they want, do nothing until the paint dries completely because in general everything is fixed without the need to do anything.


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