If we have a pool that is NOT ceramic, and the walls of cement or plaster are deteriorating, we have at our disposal certain cheap products that are easy to use and that leave a perfect finish, both on the edges of the pool and in the interior, as well as in their design. quite easy to make the decoration of our pool.

For a complete renovation of the pool it needs to be obviously empty, that would be the first step.
Then we will enter the pool and clean all the walls, scraping off all the imperfections and all the chipboard paint, then closing and covering all the cracks and imperfections we see.

To paint, we will first perform a complete pool cleaning, either with a pool cleaner or Salfuman to remove saltpetre and all possible dirt, let the cleaner or Salfuman work for 5 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water and dry. Once dried we can paint.

Fix the pool

We will paint it with a special product for swimming pools. Montó paints offer a variety of colors for swimming pools, both water-based and solvent-based, and the colors are white or blue.

We choose the product we choose, we will paint when the pool is completely dry, we will give it two layers respecting the drying time between layers (approximately 12 hours). And we already have the interior of the pool completely cleaned and renovated.

Now we can decorate it, how? with boundaries.

We have several types to choose the one we like the most and they are very easy to apply.

Fix the pool

When we choose a border design, we will fasten it with adhesive tape and then paint it with edge paint, it is usually intense blue specially made for application to the pool color, creating accents and contrasts, and is fully compatible and resistant to water preservatives such as chlorine and other accessories.

Once the rim is trimmed and the entire interior of the pool dries, we can give it a final seal, renew the edge:

We will first clean the edge with Salfuman, let it act for 5 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water so that no residue of Salfuman remains, let it dry completely before painting.

Then we will paint the edge with Edge Renovator.

Renovator is a special toner, mineral composition, for artificial stone, white color, which maintains the roughness, porosity and absorption of the carrier, restoring the initial tone of the edge of our pool.

We will paint it with a dried roller or brush, so as not to apply excess product, as it could saturate the pores of the stone. And we already have the pool completely renovated and ready to use, now we just have to fill it.

The products mentioned in this entry refer to the brand, which does not mean that other brands of paints do not have these products or that these products are the best, they simply give an example.


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